Step 1. Sign Up and Activate Your Account

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Sign Up #

Do not use an email address ending in .co or .su because we cannot register it in the system.

When filling in the fields, use only Latin or Cyrillic alphabet letters.

  1. Go to the sign-in page and click Sign up.

  2. Select where you are going to sell your products from and click Next.

  3. Enter your first name, last name, email address, and a password that you’ll use to log in to your seller profile. Click Next.

  4. Wait for your confirmation email and follow the link in it.

  5. Enter your email and password and click Log in.

  6. Enter the name of the store that customers will see. You can change it later in the account settings.

  7. Fill in the remaining fields and select the products you will be selling on Ozon. Click Submit.

Registration is not possible for companies from countries on the sanctions list: Congo, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Palestine, Sudan, Venezuela, Syria, Zimbabwe, Yemen.

For a Belarus or Kazakhstan company fill in the legal name and legal address in Russian, other fields in English.

In the Registration number and Tax identifier fields, enter:

  • your tax identification number (TIN) for Belarus sellers;
  • your individual identification number (IIN) for Kazakhstan sellers.

Activate your account #

In your account settings fill in the fields in the sections marked with a warning sign. If you don’t have a patronymic name, type a dash in the corresponding field.

Company information #

In the Company information section, fill in the following fields:

  • Full name of the company. This is the name that is stated in the company register documents. Please fill in this field in English.
  • Address. The field is filled in without specifying country and city. You only need to specify the street name and the house or building number. Do not specify region, province, city or district in this field. Please fill in this field in English. Maximum number of characters is 50.
  • Country and city. These details should be filled in according to the company’s registration documents. Select the country and city from the drop-down list or add them manually.
    To change the country after saving your settings, go through the registration process once again.

Required company documents #

This is a mandatory section. To be able to submit your account for approval, upload one of the documents from the list below to the Company Documents section in your account.

In the Company Documents section, upload one of the following documents as PDF, JPEG or PNG files.

  1. An extract from the Trade Register about the specific legal entity.
  2. Certificate of Incorporation.
  3. Another document containing registration number.

The size of a loaded document may not exceed 32 MB.

Check out the documents for your country:

If your country is not on the list, please follow the general guidelines.

Provide the original documents and their translations into English or Russian. Ozon has a right to request from the Seller a notarized translation for any of the provided documents into Russian or English at any time.

Payment details #

Fill in the main fields in the Payment details section:

  • Account number. Receiving bank account number. Please fill this field in without using special characters (>? /.,-), spaces and Cyrillic letters. The number of characters should be between 6 and 34. For accounts in the IBAN format, the number of characters should be between 13 and 34.
  • Bank name. Name of the receiving bank, the current account holder’s bank. The name must be the same as in the bank payment documents and should be filled in English.
  • Bank address. Address of the receiving bank. Please fill in the information about a street, house or building without specifying the country and city.
  • SWIFT. Identification code of the receiving bank.
  • City of the bank. City of the receiving bank. You can select it from the drop-down list or enter manually. If you can’t find the city in the drop-down list, type the same city name that is specified in the documents confirming the opening of the current account at this bank.
  • Currency. Currency of mutual settlements according to the commission agreement with Ozon.

Click Submit for approval. You will be informed of your account activation by email one business day later.

Possible issues and troubleshooting #

I haven’t received an activation email #

Check your spam folder: the email could have ended up there. If the activation email is not in your spam folder, contact our support team.

I’ve received a rejection email #

If there are incorrect details in your personal account, its activation may be rejected. Let us know if some details require replacement and attach the necessary documents to your message. If your account has been blocked, and you are not sure about the reasons, contact us at [email protected].

Learn more about rejection reasons

Restoring access to your personal account #

If you forgot your password and lost access to your email, you still can restore access to your Ozon account:

  1. Contact our support team at [email protected].

    In your email, please specify:

    • your company name and its business entity type;
    • the email address that needs to be changed, if there are several accounts created for your company;
    • the email address to which you want us to send the recovery link.

    We recommend using the email address that you have registered with your full legal name and access to which can be restored by phone number. Do not use an address that ends in .co or. su: unfortunately, we won’t be able to register it in the system.

    Attach the following to your email:

    • a power of attorney copy, if you act under power of attorney;
    • your passport copy;
    • a photo of yourself holding your passport. Your face and your passport details should be clearly visible.
    By sending the email, you accept the personal data processing policy.

    After verification, we will send the recovery link to the email address specified in your message.

  2. Check your email and follow the link to restore the access.

  3. Contact our support service to link your personal account to the new email and use it to log in to the account.

Next Steps #