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Ozon ID allows you to log in to Ozon services without entering a password. All you need is to specify your phone number and enter the verification code, and Ozon ID will take care of your data.

Make sure you are the only person who has access to your Ozon ID:

  • Don’t link it to a phone number that is used by your employees or family members.
  • Don’t link your Ozon ID to other people’s accounts, even if they are employees of your store.

No one will see the phone number you use to log in. We won’t be sending ads to it, it’ll be used for authorization only.

If you have signed up on ozon.ru, you already have an Ozon ID. Just link it to your personal account. You can add multiple stores and switch between them without a password.

What to do if you are not receiving the verification code

How to log in to your personal account using Ozon ID #

You won’t need a password when using the browser from which you linked your Ozon ID to your personal account. You will be identified by the system, so you don’t need to sign in.

To log in by Ozon ID in a new browser or on a new device, enter your username and password on the first visit. After that, the Ozon ID login will start working.

  1. In the right upper corner, click and go to Settings.
  2. In the account section, click Go to Ozon ID profile.
  3. On the Ozon ID page click Edit next to the phone number and select Get code.
  4. Enter the code from the SMS message.
  5. Enter a new phone number and confirm it.

What to do if you are not receiving the verification code

  1. In the right upper corner, click the store name and select Add company.
  2. In the Add a company window select Existing and click Select.
  3. Enter the email address of the store you want to add. Enter the password and click Sign in.

You will see all companies that are linked to your Ozon ID. Click Next to go to your personal account.

All accounts are now linked to Ozon ID. This feature can’t be deactivated.

If you are an employee and have linked the wrong Ozon ID to your account, ask your director or administrator to send an invitation to a different email and delete your previous account.

If you are a director or administrator and:

  • Your employee has linked an Ozon ID incorrectly, send them an invitation to a different email address and delete the old account. Before the employee follows the link, they should make sure that the Ozon ID page) has the right Ozon ID open.
  • You have linked an Ozon ID incorrectly yourself, send yourself an invitation to a different email address and link the correct Ozon ID to it. Give director or administrator rights to the new account and delete the previous one.

If you are experiencing any other issue, contact our support team: Setting up a personal accountSetting up an account.

What to do if you are not receiving the verification code #

To confirm your number, we will send a code in an SMS or call you. If you are not receiving an SMS or a call:

  • make sure that your phone is switched on, unmuted, and is in the network reception area;
  • make sure that you’ve entered the correct number.

Sometimes it may take a while for the SMS to arrive. If the SMS has not arrived, click Get new code.

Your account may already be linked to Ozon ID. Go back to the sign in page, click Sign in with Ozon ID and enter via your phone number.

If you can’t log in using your number and the email still hasn’t arrived, check your “Spam” and “Promotions” folders.

If you experience difficulties when setting up Ozon ID, contact us via global.registration@ozon.ru

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