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How do I update the information in my personal account if my banking details have changed? #

To change the details, contact our support team via chat or email to Attach a notification of change of details with your legal name, seal, signature, date, and an Excel card.

Notification template

Excel card template:

The name of the payment recipient in the details must completely coincide with the legal name of your company registered on Ozon. Otherwise, the documents will be rejected during verification. If the data is entered incorrectly, the payment will be refunded.

The data for the bank must be provided in English or Russian.

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In what currency will I receive payment for the products sold? #

Money for the sold products is credited in the settlement currency that you specified in your personal account in the “Payment details” card. It can be US dollars or euros.

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At what rate is the conversion to the currency of mutual settlement made? #

Ozon accepts payments from customers in rubles. Then the money is converted into the seller’s settlement currency at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of the transfer to the seller.

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When and how much will I be paid for the products I sold? #

Money is transferred to your bank account twice a month:

  • The first payment includes transactions that took place before the 16th. Ozon transfers money until the 25th.
  • The second payment includes transactions from the 16th to the last day of the month. Ozon transfers the money until the 16th of the next month.

If the amount of money collected for the payment of products during the reporting period does not exceed 1,000 euros or US dollars, Ozon will transfer them when the specified amount is reached. Money is transferred in the settlement currency.

Please note that the following can be retained:

  • amounts to be refunded to customers on canceled orders, or following the outcome of their claims;
  • amounts that are reserved for claims under consideration;
  • amounts of penalties and losses owed to Ozon;
  • the delivery cost paid by the customer when returning the product, if the dispute has been resolved in the customer’s favor.

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What should I do if the payment for my sales has not arrived? #

Make sure that the amount of money collected during the reporting period in payment for products exceeds 1000 US dollars or 1000 euros, depending on the specified settlement currency. If the amount collected is less, Ozon will transfer the money when the account has more than 1,000 euros or US dollars.

Also make sure that the payment details in your personal account are specified correctly. If some data is missing, specify it. If you haven’t been able to identify the payment delay reason yourself, contact our support team.