What is Global University

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Global University is a free educational platform for sellers from far abroad countries. It contains online courses on how to:

  • activate and set up a personal account;
  • upload products and create attractive PDPs;
  • set up the effective product promotion.

You can access the platform:

How to sign up on the Global University platform #

To log in to the platform, you need to sign up with it. You can’t use username and password from your personal account.

To log in to the Global University, you need to have a seller’s personal account and accept the offer.
  1. Go to the Global University website and click Sign up.
  2. Create a username. It can only contain Latin characters and numbers.
  3. Read and accept the User Agreement.
  4. Enter your first and last name in the Personal Information box. We need them to fill out your certificate when you finish the course.
  5. Specify the email address that is linked to your personal account on seller.ozon.ru.
  6. You’ll receive a confirmation code at the specified address. Copy and enter it in the corresponding field.
If you don’t get the code, check your “Spam” and “Promotions” folders. Sometimes emails from the service can get there.
  1. After confirming your email, you’ll see the Form page. Select from the drop-down list:
    • the country you’re in;
    • the language you want to study in.
  2. Create a strong password. It must be at least 8 characters long, contain Latin letters and a minimum of one number.
  3. The account will be sent for moderation. You’ll have access to the course in one business day if you successfully pass the verification.

How the Global University platform works #

On the platform you can see:

  • Categorized courses. For example, on sales launch, work schemes, product promotions, analytics, or finance.
  • Video lessons from the media library.
  • Your progress in the My results section.
  • Messages from us. For example, if you contacted support.

Each course contains short videos, short instructions, cheat sheets, articles, and self-check tests for each topic.

What to do if you have difficulties signing up on Global University #

Problem What to do
The "Email address already in use" error appears This means that you are already signed up on the Global University.

Try to reset your password. To do this, click Log in by email and password → Help with login → Reset the password.
I'm trying to reset my password, but I don't get the code to my email Check the "Spam" and "Promotions" folders. Sometimes emails from the service can get there.

If there is no email with code, you are most likely not signed up on the platform. How to sign up.
I'm trying to sign up, but I don't get the code to my email Check the "Spam" and "Promotions" folders. Sometimes emails from the service can get there. If there is no email, contact us: global.seller.university@ozon.ru
The "Invalid login or password" error appears Two options are possible:
  • you misprinted your username or password: try to re-enter the data or reset the password;
  • you aren't signed up on the platform or use the username and password from the seller's personal account: you need to sign up.
I want to change the language of learning Write to global.seller.university@ozon.ru. In your email, specify the course and language you want to learn in.

If this didn’t help, contact us at global.seller.university@ozon.ru.