Working with Products

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You can work with products on the Products and prices → Manage Inventory page.

The tabs of this page feature the following:

  • All Products shows all the products you uploaded.

  • Active shows the products that have passed moderation and are on sale on Ozon.

  • Ready for Sale shows products that have passed moderation and can be sold if you deliver them to the Ozon warehouse or update stocks in your warehouse.

  • Declined by Moderation shows the products that were rejected during moderation.

  • Inactive shows the products that have been blocked.

    Learn more about the reasons for product blocking

  • Archive shows the products that you archived.

Working with the product list #

In the Manage Inventory section, you can do the following:

  • Find products:

    • Searching by name or Product ID.
    • In specific categories. To do this, click on Select a Category.
  • Upload products:

  • Download the templates:

    • Updating prices. Using it, you can update prices.
    • Updating the stocks. If you are selling from your warehouse, you can use this template to update stocks.
  • To download a template, click on Download Template and select the one you need.

  • Download reports:

    • Products by category XLS. It contains a product list with a full description of each product, including a description of errors due to which the product did not pass moderation.
    • Products CSV. It contains the product list, as in your profile.
    • Stocks CSV. It contains data on the quantity and volume of your products in Ozon warehouses and on the volume of products you can deliver.
  • To download a report, click Download Products and select the one you need. Click to proceed to the Download manager. You will find the report file there. It will be stored in the Download Manager for 2 days.

Working with products #

For each product, you can do the following:

  • Edit: change product information, details and images.
  • Archive it.
  • Update prices.

To do this, click and select the required operation in the Manage Inventory section, on the product row.