Shipping providers rating

A shipping provider’s rating is an evaluation of the services they offer. To determine the rating, twice a month Ozon polls sellers who use shipping providers services. If a shipping provider received more than 10 reviews in the last two weeks, Ozon generates their rating.

The rating is calculated by the following formula, where n is how the seller rates the shipping provider’s performance from 1 to 5:

Based on the poll results, a shipping provider received reviews from 100 sellers. 20 sellers gave them a “5”-rate review, 10 gave them a “4”, 25 gave them a “3”, 25 gave them a “2”, and 20 gave them a “1”. The shipping provider’s rating equals to (5 × 20 + 4 × 10 + 3 × 25 + 2 × 25 + 1 × 20) ÷ 100 = 2.85.

In addition to reviewing the overall interaction with a shipping provider, sellers review the following criteria:

  • delivery price: how profitable it is to deliver products with a certain shipping provider;
  • delivery time: how fast and timely the products are delivered;
  • delivery quality, including cases of loss and damage of shipments;
  • satisfaction with customer service of the shipping provider;
  • pick-up and drop-off services, meaning the process of handing shipments over by the seller to the shipping provider’s warehouse.

Ozon uses a similar formula to calculate the rating for each additional criteria and publishes the results, including the number of votes.