Seller Rating

Product rating #

When calculating this metric, we take into account only those products that have at least 2 reviews. We use them to calculate the average rating score.

Price attractiveness for buyers #

The tool is available for foreign sellers in test mode.

We evaluate the attractiveness of your products with the “Price index” tool.

We monitor prices for similar products and calculate the ratio of your price to the lowest price for the same product on Russian and foreign sites.

Seller price attractiveness will start to be calculated when you have at least 10 products for which you specify links to the same products on other sites. These products must be in stock. Archived products aren’t taken into account.

If the index is less than or equal to 1, your prices on Ozon are attractive for buyers. If the index is greater than 1, your prices are higher than the market. The larger the index, the higher the prices you set on Ozon compared to prices on other sites. This means that fewer buyers will buy your product. If the index is higher than 1.10, the product turns red. We recommend lowering prices for such products.

Price index is recalculated daily.

You can view the price index for each product in the Products and prices → Manage Inventory in the Price index column. You can also view a list of links to other sites, add your own links, or complain about incorrect links. To do this:

  1. Go to the Products and prices → Manage Inventory or Products and prices → Manage prices section.
  2. In the product line, click Prices management.

In the Price management section, links are displayed in the Links to competitors and other marketplaces block.