Store Name

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You can specify the name of the store when creating your Ozon personal account or in it once the registration is completed. A user with the “Manager” or “Administrator” role can change the store name.

Name requirements #

The allowed length of the name is 1–140 characters.

The name mustn’t contain:

  • obscene language;
  • emojis and special characters;
  • mistakes in spelling;
  • store contact information, website links, and phone numbers;
  • the words “best”, “first”, and “most” without confirmation;
  • enumeration of product types;
  • other trademarks names;
  • the word “Ozon”.

The system will automatically remove spaces before or after the name.

Change the store name #

You can change the store name only after you’ve accepted the Offer.

  1. In your personal account, click in the upper right corner and go to SettingsStore settingsStore information page.

  2. Click Change name and enter a new store name.

The new name mustn’t be the same as the current name, the name under moderation, or previously rejected name.
  1. Click Send for verification.

Moderators will check the new store name within two business days. We’ll update the status on the Store information page and inform you about moderation results by email.

If the name doesn’t pass moderation, we’ll automatically change it to:

  • company legal name;
  • previously verified name.

You can view the request status and the name change history in the SettingsStore settingsStore information section.

If customers hover over next to the store name on the PDP, they’ll see the company legal name. Ozon must display this information according to the consumer protection law.

If the legal name of your store has changed, contact us via chat or send an email to Attach:

  • An official letter about the change of bank details. In the letter, specify the number of your contract with Ozon where you need to change the details. The store manager must sign and stamp the letter.
  • The company data file in text format and a scanned copy of the original file with a color seal and the manager’s signature.