Video Consultation

A video consultation is a tool that allows you to answer your customer’s questions live and help them choose products from your range.

This tool will work for you if your products:

  • were only for sale offline before, and you’re just starting to sell them online;
  • are expensive, and the customer needs more information to make a decision;
  • are technically complex, or customers often ask questions about it.
Your consultant must know Russian to provide video consultation on your products.

Principle of work #

  1. You pay for Eyezon services and set it up for yourself.

  2. You choose the products for which you want to enable video consultation and pay for connecting the widget.

  3. You choose the operator who will communicate with customers. Ozon doesn’t provide operators, only an employee of your company can answer calls.

  4. A video consultation widget appears on the PDPs of selected products.

  5. The customer who has questions about the product, clicks Call.

  6. Your operator answers the call and talks to the customer. The conversation is recorded and has no time limit. When communicating with customers, the operator must follow the chat rules.

What devices and platforms it works on #

Platform Browser
Laptops and computers (Windows, macOS, and Linux) Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox
Laptops and computers (Windows) Latest version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
Laptops and computers (MacOS) Safari version 11 or higher
Android smartphones and tablets Chrome and Firefox
iPhones and iPads Safari version 11 or higher

Enable #

The tool is provided in collaboration with the video communication service.

To enable video consultation, create a marketing request.

Your request must include:

  • list of products for which you want to enable video consultations;
  • image for the widget on the PDP: width from 700 px, aspect ratio 1:1:1;
  • operators' working hours;
  • Eyezon script, which should have businessId and buttonId;
  • background for the call: JPEG or PNG format, size—from 1200 × 800 px.

Service cost #

Connection fee is 50,000 rubles. You pay for the service once, the number of products is unlimited.

Eyezon service features #

  • The service sends the product parameters about which the customer calls to the personal account, and the operator can prepare for the call. For example, bring the product and demonstrate it during the call.
  • The call opens in a new tab on
  • During the call, the customer can enable microphone, or write a question to the chat.

Statistics collection #