Service Quality Indicators

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Besides seller rating, Ozon also calculates additional that evaluate the seller’s performance on the marketplace. Additional indicators are not shown to customers.

Each of these indicators has an upper level, exceeding which leads to a blockage of seller’s sales on the marketplace. For FBS, rFBS, and Aggregator method deliveries, they are listed in the table below:

Quality indicators rFBS Aggregator FBS Description
Order cancellations due to seller's fault >10% >10% >20% Cancellations made for reasons within the seller's control:
- outdated stock balances;
- issues with packaging/shipping;
- severe shiping delay;
- error in the sending method;
- cancellations from 3PL due to the seller's fault;
- other reasons relevant to the seller.

This list doesn't include: cancelations at the customer's request, cancelations due to technical difficulties on Ozon side, or due to force majeure.
Delayed handover to delivery >12% >12% >20% Violation of the deadline for handing products over to the delivery service.
Delivery channel error >1% - The carrier who performs the delivery is different from the one specified by the seller.
- The customer chose courier delivery, but the product is delivered to the pickup point.
In extraordinary situations, Ozon may raise the upper limit for certain indicators in order to avoid mass and incorrect blocking.

How we calculate quality indicators #

Order cancelations #

This is the ratio of cancelations at the seller’s fault to the total number of parcels that should have been handed over for delivery in the last 14 days. When calculating the indicator, parcels for the current day are not taken into account.

Cancellations due to the seller’s fault include:

  • all cancellations made via seller’s personal account,
  • cancellations made by Ozon in case of a 5-day shipment delay. Learn more about cancellations

For example, a violation of the “Order Cancelations” indicator would be an irrelevant number of products in stock if you cancel products they are out of stock and can’t be shipped. This reduces customer loyalty to the site and to purchasing products from abroad.

Example of calculating the May 20 indicator: we take all the canceled parcels that were due to ship between May 6 and May 19 and divide by all the parcels paid by customers during that period. If the seller cancels 3 parcels and another 2 parcels are canceled because they weren’t shipped on time, and the total number of shipments is 400, the rate is (3+2)/400 = 1.25%. The resulting percentage is below the maximum level of 10%, so you can continue selling products on the marketplace.

Cancellations due to the seller’s fault don’t include cases where the customer requests cancellation themselves, as well as situations where the delivery was not made due to a technical problem in the personal account on Ozon side. If you can’t deliver a product due to this reason, contact support and select the Sales and supply blocking → Due to realFBS scores topic. Please attach screenshots of your personal account which show the shipment number and the error text to the request.

Delayed handover to delivery #

To calculate this indicator, we take shipments that were not delivered on time in the last week, excluding the current day, for example, in situations where:

  • Products were not handed over for delivery before the indicator calculation day.
  • Products were handed over for delivery, but the events on the tracking number started tracking after the expected shipment date.
  • The shipment was canceled after the expected shipping date.

We divide the number of these shipments by the total number of shipments in the last 8 days, excluding the current day.

Here’s an example of how we’ll calculate the indicator for May 20: we take all the parcels that were not handed over for delivery and whose shipping date was from May 13 to May 19. Their number is divided by the number of all parcels paid by customers in this period. If 5 parcels were not sent on time, and the total number of shipments is 400, then the indicator will be 5/400 = 1.25%. The resulting percentage is below the maximum level of 12%, so you can continue selling products on the marketplace.

If you or the customer cancels the shipment before it is delivered, we won’t take it into account when calculating this indicator.

Delivery channel error #

The data for calculating this parameter differs for integrated and non-integrated delivery methods. If you select a wrong delivery channel, this error
will affects the platform and internal order management systems stability. Failures can lead to order cancelation at the seller’s fault.

Integrated method #

When calculating the indicator, we take into account shipments handed over to a different carrier than the one chosen by the customer. For example, if the customer chooses the CDEK door-to-door shipping, and the shipment is sent out via DPD to the pick-up point, this shipment will fall into the “channel error” category. Orders must be delivered to customers only by those methods and carriers which they choose when making purchases.

Ozon-integrated carrier passes delivery statuses for its tracking numbers only if the delivery method of that carrier is configured in the seller’s personal account. If you enter the tracking number of another carrier, the statuses won’t be received, and the parcel status won’y change to “In transit”. This means that the order may get canceled because it is untraceable.

Non-integrated method #

In this case, it will be an error to hand products over for delivery to the pick-up point. Non-integrated services deliver orders by courier only, because in this case customers enter their address when making orders and expect that orders will be delivered door-to-door.

Ozon partner delivery #

With the Aggregator method, the tracking number is generated on the Ozon platform. You can’t change it. It will be an error to send orders using the method, different from the delivery method by the Ozon partner. Such orders will be canceled.

To calculate whether this indicator is normal, we divide the number of shipments with the “channel error” by the total number of shipments. We take into account shipments that must be delivered within the last 14 days.

For example, the seller sent 50 parcels to the pick-up point, although they should be using a non-integrated delivery method. The total number of shipments that had to be delivered in the last 14 days is 200 pieces. In that case, the error percentage will be 50/200 = 25%. The resulting value exceeds the allowable level of 1%, so the sales of such a seller will be suspended in 14 days.

If you or the customer canceled the shipment before it was handed over for delivery, we won’t take it into account when calculating the indicator.

How we make decisions about blocking products #

We block products if you exceed the maximum allowable values in the service quality indicators. This is described in clause 1 of the Service Quality Indicators section of the Offer. Such values for each of the parameters are shown in the table above.

Blocking products means that they will remain visible in your personal account, but they can’t be purchased on Ozon. Orders that have already been placed are not affected by blocking, you will need to ship them.

If the indicator exceeds the maximum allowable value for the first time, we will notify you in your personal account or via email. After you receive the notification, you will have 14 days to improve your indicator.

If you do not improve it in 14 days, we will send you a second notification. If we do not receive a response within 3 days or your indicators will not change, we will suspend your access to product sales until the indicator returns to normal.

Sales blocking period may last up to 14 days. If you have already exceeded the quality indicators before, even if you were not blocked for this, we will block the products for a longer period immediately, without warning, if the indicator is exceeded again.

During the blocking period:

  • customers will be able to buy your products;
  • you won’t be able to upload new product cards;
  • all product cards are available for viewing and adding to favorites by customers;
  • communication with customers in chats will be available;
  • payments for delivered orders will be made as usual.

You will also have to:

  • continue handing over already received orders;
  • regularly update statuses for current orders.
If you have exceeded the permissible value for one of the quality indicators, and the sale of products on our platform is for you limited, continue collecting and delivering on time those shipments that were made before the blocking started. Then at the next check, your indicators will come back to normal. In this case, your store will be unblocked automatically, and you won’t need to contact our support team. Pay attention to notifications in your personal account.

How to avoid blocking #

Along with the blocking notification you will receive a file with the indicator breakdown. Try analyzing your orders and logistics supply chains to correct service quality indicators as quickly as possible.

Order cancelations #

  • Keep your stocks up to date, regularly update the information about the number of products in stock, so that your customers wouldn’t be able to place orders for out-of-stock products.
  • Pay attention to the products already reserved by customers.
  • Pay attention to the schedule of your non-working days, because orders not packed on time will be canceled.
  • Before adding products to your warehouse, make sure that the carrier of delivery methods you set up for this warehouse can accept this product for delivery. Cancellations by a carrier are also taken into account for this quality indicator.
  • If you are not sure, it’s better to cancel the shipment before packaging. If you don’t collect the order on time, we can cancel it.

Delayed handover to delivery #

  • Keep track of products that you need to hand over to the courier or bring to the drop-off point in the near future. You can do it in the OrdersFrom my warehouse section, on the Awaiting shipment tab.
  • Don’t violate the shipment deadlines displayed in the order row in the Packaging time field.
  • You can edit the shipping period in the warehouse settings by reducing the number of working days in a week.
  • If you need extra time to hand over the shipment to the carrier, you can set up the first mile for a new warehouse: create a warehouse, select a city other than the city where the carrier’s warehouse is located, and set up to 9 additional days for the order handover. New orders from this warehouse will have the additional “Handing over for delivery” status.
  • If you don’t manage to deliver products on time, cancel the order.
  • If the order was returned to the sender because of customs issues or by other reasons, cancel it. Resending the order is prohibited, since such an order won’t be stably tracked by Ozon systems and will be canceled if the delivery deadline is violated.

Delivery channel error #

If you are working with an integrated delivery method #

Use only the carrier specified in your personal account in the Delivery method section. If necessary, set up another warehouse for non-integrated shipments, for example, if you send bulky products, use express delivery for expensive products, or sell digital products.

If your carrier claims to be a principal of an integrated delivery method, but their delivery statuses are not updated in your personal account in a timely manner, the shipment will fall into the “channel error” category. If the shipment delivery time is violated, we can cancel this shipment.

Please deliver orders to the address specified by the customers using the transport company of their choosing. You can learn more about partner logistics programs in the Delivery Method Management and Ozon Partner Delivery sections.

If you are working with a non-integrated delivery method #

According to the offer, sellers organizing delivery by non-integrated method are obliged to deliver products to the customers' doors using courier delivery. Otherwise, the orders may be canceled. If you use the mail channel with the non-integrated method, the order will get to the Russian Post office, and the customer won’t be notified that the parcel has been delivered to the post office and is awaiting pickup. After 30 days, the parcel will be returned to the sender.

To avoid blocking, make sure that your carrier delivers product to customers' doors. If a customer complains about a shipment with a “channel error”, your “channel error” indicator may exceed the maximum allowable value and we will block your access to sales.