Customers' Questions about the Product

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On the PDP, customers can ask questions about the product and its characteristics. To increase potential customers' loyalty and convince them to make a purchase, you can answer their questions yourself via your Ozon Seller profile. The answer will be posted on behalf of your company.

In contrast to the chat with the customer, these questions and answers are public and are shown on the PDP.

Answering Questions #

  1. Go to the Reviews → Questions and answers section. Here you can view new questions from users. Alternatively, you can find all questions for a specific product by its Product ID or name.

  2. Click on the question you want to answer. You will see general information about the question and the answers to this question from other users.

  3. Accept the customer communication editorial policy if you have not previously accepted it.

    Answers to questions should be informative, refer only to the product in question and contain no links to other products or, say, to your own website. Moderators will also reject replies with obscene language or intent to provoke a discussion or offend other users. You can learn more about the rules for publishing questions and answers.

  4. Write your answer in the Answer to the Question field and click Send the Answer. After moderation, your answer will be published. It usually takes no more than a week.

The user will receive your response via push notification or email, depending on the settings.

The Reason Why You Can not Answer a Question #

If you violate the editorial policy, you will be given a warning. After several identical violations, the moderator will blacklist you. You will not be able to answer questions about products if you are blacklisted.