Assigning Sellers to Technology Partners

Table of Content

Ozon assigns the seller to a technology partner when:

  1. The seller sends a letter to the partner about granting access rights.
  2. The partner sends Ozon a letter with a request for assigning.

Letter about granting access #

The seller needs to send a letter filled out according to the template and specify in it:

  • seller’s legal name: name in the personal account and ID;
  • technology partner’s name;
  • partner’s email address.

For example, “‘Company’ LLC provides access to the personal Ozon account of ‘Partner’ LLC for support services. Login: . The validity period of this letter is until 10.04.22.”.

After receiving the letter, the partner must send Ozon a letter with a request for assigning, filled in according to the template. After confirmation from Ozon, the seller is assigned to the technology partner.

The seller needs to add an account for the partner in their personal account so that the technology partner could provide support services in full. We recommend the “Administrator” role.

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Detaching from the current partner #

The seller can be assigned to only one technology partner.

If the seller wants to change the technology partner or refuse the services provided, Ozon will notify the current partner of the seller’s claims. Within 1 day, the partner can discuss claims with the seller and try to maintain cooperation. If the cooperation continues, it is necessary to inform Ozon about it. If we do not receive a response, we will confirm the change or separation from the partner.