Uploading Videos

Table of Content
All videos are subject to moderation. You can only upload videos that match the product.
If a product has several model versions, you can merge them in a single PDP.

Via PDP #

Copy video from another PDP #

  1. Go to the Products and prices → Manage Inventory tab.
  2. Find the product that has the video you need.
  3. Click Actions and select Download template.
  4. Click the download icon. In the Download manager window, download the desired template.
  5. Open the Ozon.Video tab and copy the link.

Via XLS template #

What videos are suitable for the PDP

  1. Open the template via XLS file or online table.

  2. Go to the Ozon.Video tab. Specify the link to the video:

    • that is not yet in your PDPs: from YouTube or Yandex Disk. The video will be saved on the Ozon site and will open faster for customers.
    • that you’ve already uploaded: from another PDP. How to copy a video from another PDP.

    To add multiple videos, specify each link from a new line.

  3. Download the XLS file or save the online table.

All videos are moderated before publication. If the video violates our requirements, the product will be sold, but it will go to the Declined by Moderation tab.