How to Work with API

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To simplify the work with a large number of products and orders, Ozon Seller API methods can be used.

For example, products can be uploaded using Add Products method, rather than in profile or via XLS-file. Set up labelling printing simultaneously for all shipments ready to be shipped or receive reports on returns directly to your accounting system.

If you keep information about your products in 1C, My Warehouse system or any other base, update of prices or stocks can be automated.

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How to start selling through API #

  1. Generate an APIkey and a Client ID in the settings of your account. Use them in every query to Ozon Seller API.
  2. Add products. Up to 100 items can be transferred in a single query. It is important to specify the category and product details–check the list of mandatory characteristics.
  3. After moderation, products can be sold.
  4. Once customers start making orders, you will see the shipments in awaiting_packaging status. Use method Obtain a shipment list with status: awaiting_packaging filter.
  5. Distribute products to different destinations. Learn more about order packaging.
  6. Transfer a list of shipments for packaging to Package an order section: now shipments will have awaiting_deliver status and are ready for dispatch to customers.
  7. Prepare the product for shipment to customers.

Information on shipments will be required both for integrated and non-integrated delivery services, and for self-shipment.

If you have selected Integrated delivery service, the status of shipments will be automatically tracked in the customer’s personal account.

If you have selected Another delivery service or self-shipment, you need to change the shipment statuses for each order. To do so, use:

How to update products, stock and prices #

To make sure that the data on the range of products in your system and at Ozon are identical, use Manage Inventory and prices group of methods. You can discontinue selling some products, change description and characteristics of products and set up new prices. However, consider that any change passes moderation, therefore, updated information on products will appear in the profile and at Ozon with a delay up to several days.

To update the balances of multiple warehouses at once, use:

What else is there in Seller API #

To integrate the chats with customers into a system convenient for you, use Chat with customer methods.

To view the reports on transactions and products, there are List of reports methods.