rFBS Work Scheme

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rFBS (Real Fulfillment by Seller) is the work scheme under which the seller is responsible for the storage and delivery of the products.

How rFBS works #

  1. You set up the delivery parameters for the warehouse and store your products there.
  2. If you have several warehouses from which you can deliver products to the same region, set the priority of the warehouses. This is necessary, so that we know from which warehouse your products will be delivered first.
  3. When an order is submitted and accepted by you, you collect and pack an order yourself.
  4. You deliver the products in a convenient way for you: on your own or by the integrated delivery service.
  5. If a customer returns products, they will be returned to your warehouse.
  6. Mutual settlements with Ozon occur in the same way as with other schemes of work: we transfer to your bank account the amount outstanding for the sale of products, withholding the amount of the commission for our services.

Advantages of rFBS for sellers #

  • Country of shipment on a PDP (Product Description Page).
  • Selection of delivery region (restriction on delivering to certain regions).
  • Variety of delivery methods for the same product.
  • Different estimated delivery time within one store.
  • Selection of delivery methods for a group of products.
  • Customer is able to choose a pick up point or a post office.
  • Payments twice a month for delivered orders.
  • Advanced marketing tools.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Localization of the seller account.

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