Delivery Method Management

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Delivery method is a particular setting of basic carrier service or self-delivery for a particular warehouse. Your customization options depend on your choice of delivery service.

You can add a delivery method when creating a warehouse or after saving it in the Logistics → Warehouses and methods or FBS → Logistics section.

Delivery method types #

Sellers from certain countries can use Ozon partner delivery service. In this case we’ll take care of concluding a contract with the delivery service, quality control of services, and choice of profitable rates.

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In all other cases sellers from abroad can use integrated and non-integrated delivery services. Sellers enter into a contract with them on their own.

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Integrated delivery services are the services with which Ozon cooperates. We constantly stay in the know of their delivery geography and pick-up points. Besides, we exchange information on the statuses and delivery terms with integrated services. You can choose the delivery geography in your personal account when setting up the delivery method.

Non-integrated delivery services are the services selected by the seller. Ozon has no information about them. In this case the seller sets the delivery terms by themselves. Orders with non-integrated services can be delivered only by courier.

Under the rFBS scheme, sellers from Belarus and Kazakhstan can deliver products by non-integrated services to Russia and within their own country. Sellers from Kazakhstan can also deliver products to Belarus. In addition, sellers from Belarus are available for delivery within the country by integrated services: Evropochta and DPD Bel.

How to add a delivery method #

  1. When creating a warehouse, click Add delivery methods. To add the second and subsequent methods to the existing warehouse, in the Logistics → Warehouses and methods or FBS → Logistics section click Add in the Delivery methods from this warehouse section of you warehouse card.

    You can also add a method by clicking Add method on the warehouse card.

  2. Select the location for transferring products to the shipping provider. If the shipping provider picks up the product from your warehouse or if the delivery to the shipping provider won’t take more than one day, select Same as the country and city of the warehouse.

    Make sure that the location of the transfer to the delivery service is selected correctly. Otherwise, the delivery time will be calculated without taking into account the days for the product delivery to the carrier. We block sellers who violate delivery deadlines.

    If you selected Other, fill in the following fields:

    • Country—the country where your shipping provider’s warehouse is located.
    • City—the city in which your shipping provider’s warehouse is located.

    Next steps will depend on the type of delivery service you have:

How to edit a delivery method #

  1. Go to the Logistics → Warehouses and methods or FBS → Warehouses and methods section. Choose the necessary delivery method and click Edit method.

  2. Change the following:

    • method name,
    • end of preparation time,
    • delivery regions: include or exclude the delivery destinations,
    • delivery time—only for non-integrated service.
  3. Click Save changes.

Delivery methods statuses #

The My warehouse section contains the statuses of the delivery methods:

  • Inactive. Creation hasn’t yet been completed and customers won’t be able to select it as a delivery method. In order to make this method available for selection, it must be activated. To do this, you need to complete the method parameters settings and click Save method.
  • Active. Method creation is completed. Customers can choose it as the order delivery method.
  • Editing. Method is activated, but changes that you made weren’t saved. The previous saved version of the method will be available to customers at checkout. Save the method to make the changes available to customers.
  • Archived. Method has been moved to the archive, customers won’t be able to choose it as a delivery method. Archived methods aren’t deleted, and you can restore them at any time by contacting support.

How to archive a delivery method #

In your personal account, in the Logistics → Warehouses and methods or FBS → Logistics section, click , select Move method to archive, and confirm the archiving.

You can see or hide all methods that have been archived. To do this, in the Logistics → Warehouses and methods or FBS → Logistics section of the warehouse card, click and select Show archived methods or Hide archived methods.

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