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Starting from September 1, 2022, the pricing principle for foreign sellers is changing: when uploading products you should specify the product price in the currency stated in your contract. The price will be automatically converted into rubles so nothing will change for customers from Russia.

The change doesn’t concern sellers from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

From September 1 to 3, we’ll automatically convert the prices of all the uploaded products from rubles into the currency stated in your contract at the rate from conversion rate page. The conversion will take about 10 minutes, and you won’t be able to access your personal account during this time.

Select the currency #

The transaction currency is selected at the stage of registering a personal account. After that, you can’t change the currency. The selected currency is formalized in the contract with Ozon and in your personal account in the Settings → Details and contracts → Agreements section.

The list of currencies available for selection depends on your country:

  • China: USD/CNY/RUB;
  • Turkey: USD/RUB;
  • Belarus: BYN/RUB;
  • Kazakhstan: KZT/RUB;
  • Kyrgyzstan: KGS;
  • Armenia: RUB;
  • Europe: EUR / RUB;
  • Others: USD/RUB.

To receive payments in a different currency, create a new personal account and select the desired currency for it.

Upload the product #

The product upload is available only after you register, accept the offer, and activate your account. After you upload your product, we will convert its cost from the currency of your contract to rubles. The product price in rubles depends on the exchange rate of your currency against ruble.

For example, if a product costs 10 dollars, then at the rate of 1 USD = 59.9608 RUB its price will be 600 rubles with rounding. And at the rate of 1 USD = 60.2472 RUB, the product will cost 602 rubles.

When uploading the product in your personal account, specify the price in the currency of your contract.

When uploading the product via template, specify the product price using the currency of your contract.

When uploading the product via Seller API, specify the contract currency code and the product price using the contract currency. The contract currency other than RUB should be specified in the “currency_code” field starting from September 1.

You are required to fill in the currency_code field for the following Seller API methods:

You can receive the currency_code in the following Seller API methods:

If your contract currency is RUB (Russian ruble), there is no need in filling in the currency_code field. If this field remains empty, the prices will be automatically set in RUB (Russian rubles).

Currency codes #

  • RUB: Russian ruble,
  • EUR: euro,
  • USD: US dollar,
  • CNY: yuan.

Prices on products in promotions #

You should indicate the amount of all discounts in the currency of your contract.

New promotions #

You’ll be able to join new promotions from September 3 once your currency updated in your personal account.

Current promotions #

When converting prices to the contract currency, your promotions will be deleted, so you’ll need to create them again. You can create a promotion in your personal account in the My promotions section.

Promotions are available in your personal account in the Promotion → Promos → Ozon promotions section. You must indicate prices in the currency of your contract during the promotion period.

If you are already participating in the Ozon promo that will continue after September 1, all the products in it will remain at the price in rubles that you set earlier.
For example, for products participating in the “Back to School” promotion, the price in rubles won’t depend on the conversion rate. During the promotion period, the product will be sold at the price fixed at the time of its entry into the promotion.

Report #

Now all the reports in your personal account are generated in Russian rubles. Later on, the reports will use the currency of your contract.