Order Cancellation

Orders from the Ozon partner’s warehouse can be canceled by:

  • Ozon partner’s warehouse,
  • customer,
  • shipping provider,
  • Ozon.

You can view the cancellation reason in the Logistics → Orders from my warehouses → Canceled section in the “Cancellation reason” column.

Partner’s warehouse #

Ozon partner may cancel the order in the following cases:

  • The product is damaged or lost during storage in the warehouse. You can view compensation terms and amounts on the partner’s website.
  • You haven’t paid for the partner’s services.

Shipping provider #

Shipping provider may cancel the order in the following cases:

  • It contains products that are prohibited for transportation or don’t meet the shipping provider’s requirements.

  • It was lost during transportation. If Ozon doesn’t find the order, you’ll get its cost compensation 20 days after cancellation. You can check the compensation accrual in the Finance → Documents → Compensation section.

Customer #

The customer can cancel the order in the Awaiting packaging status.

Ozon #

Ozon may cancel the order in the following cases:

  • It violates the rules of the contract.
  • The customer didn’t provide passport details within 24 hours after order creation.
  • The customer didn’t pick up the order.