Product ID, Ozon ID

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Each product has multiple identifiers, which make it possible to track the product in different systems.

Product ID #

Product ID is the product's identifier in your database. It has to be unique for every product of your merchandise. When you upload women white and black color T-shirts of 44 and 46 sizes, you should set up Product ID for each color of each size.

Examples of product ID for black T-shorts:

  • Tshirt_black_44
  • Tshirt_black_46

Examples of product ID for white T-shorts:

  • Tshirt_white_44
  • Tshirt_white_46

You create your product ID when uploaing products.

You can view the created product IDs in your account on the Products and prices → Manage Inventory page. Find the product in the general list: its product ID will be specified in the Product ID column.

Ozon ID #

Ozon ID is a unique product identifier in the Ozon system. It is generated automatically when a product is uploaded to the system.

There are several ways to get your FBS Ozon SKU ID: