Product ID, Ozon ID

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Each product has multiple identifiers, which make it possible to track the product in different systems.

Product ID #

Product ID is the product's identifier in your database. It has to be unique for every product of your merchandise. When you upload women white and black color T-shirts of 44 and 46 sizes, you should set up Product ID for each color of each size.

Examples of product ID for black T-shorts:

  • Tshirt_black_44
  • Tshirt_black_46

Examples of product ID for white T-shorts:

  • Tshirt_white_44
  • Tshirt_white_46

You create your product ID when uploaing products.

You can view the created product IDs in your account on the page Products and prices → Manage Inventory where you can find the product on the general list. The pertinent identifier can be found in the Product ID column:

Ozon ID #

Ozon ID is a unique product identifier in the Ozon system. It is generated automatically when a product is uploaded to the system.

There are several types of Ozon ID identifiers. FBS Ozon SKU ID is relevant for Ozon Global sellers, because in this case products are sold from the seller’s warehouse. You may also see FBO Ozon ID and CrossBorder Ozon SKU identifiers in reports. These IDs are not relevant for sellers outside of Russia.

There are several ways to get your FBS Ozon SKU ID: