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How Settlements Are Made #

Once the order status has changed to Delivered, the payment is accrued to your account and the Ozon service commission fee is deducted. The order status can be checked in the Orders section.

If the customer has returned the product, the product cost will be redeemed and the commission fee refunded. Payments are transferred to your bank account twice a month:

  • The first payment period covers all transactions completed before the 16th day of the month. The payments will be transferred by Ozon before the 25th.
  • The second payment period covers all transactions completed from the 16th to the last day of the month. The payments will be transferred by Ozon before the 16th day of the next month.

Minimum Amount to Be Transferred #

If the amount of the money collected during the reporting period to pay for the Seller’s items does not exceed USD 1,000 or EUR 1,000 in the settlement currency respectively, the Contractor shall not make the transfer on the specified dates. In such case, Ozon transfers the money when the specified amount has been reached.

Financial Statements #

On the fifth day of every month, Ozon prepares a sales report featuring the transactions completed within the previous month. The report is available in the profile.

Financial Reports #

On the Documents page of the Finance section of your profile, the following documents are available:

1. Sales Reports #

If no transfers have been completed within a reporting period, the report will not be prepared.

2. Universal Transfer Document (UTD) with Additional Services #

If you have used additional services, for example, paid tools for promoting products, a document Act of Provided Seller Services (outgoing) including these services will be created in the profile. The commission fee for the additional services will be deducted from the payment.

If My Bank Details Have Changed #

If your bank details have changed, please inform support at [email protected]. Attach a filled out Excel card to your email.

Excel card template

The name of the recipient specified in the details must fully match the official name of your company registered on Ozon. If it fails to do so, the documents will be rejected. If you have provided incorrect data, the payment will be returned.

The bank details must be in English or Russian.