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Bank transfer #

Bank transfer payments are available to all sellers. Available payment currencies are determined depending on the country of the seller. More on selecting the currency

To enable payments via bank transfers, specify the payment details in the settings of your personal account. How to fill in the details correctly

LianLian Pay #

Payment via LianLian Pay is only available to Mainland China and Hong Kong sellers who have selected CNY or USD as payment currency.

To activate LianLian Pay, please complete all required fields in the personal account settings and read the offer.

To connect the LianLian Pay method, go to Settings → Details and Contracts → Contracts in your personal account settings and click Switch to LianLian Pay.

Register a LianLian Pay corporate account or sign in to an existing one. Enter the required details in the LianLian Pay system to link your account to the Ozon Personal Account.

LianLian Pay can only be activated by a user with the role of “Manager”.
Read more about roles

After filling in the details, it may take up to 15 minutes to update the payment method in your Personal Account. During this time, do not click “Switch to LianLian Pay” again.

If you are already receiving the payment via LianLian Pay, but would like to receive bank transfers, please contact our support team. More on changing bank details

How Settlements Are Made #

Transactions for each order are displayed in the Finance → Accruals section:

  • Once the order status has changed to “Delivered”, the payment is accrued to your account and the Ozon service commission fee is deducted. You can find information about order statuses in the Orders section.

  • If the customer returns the product, the product cost is withdrawn from the account and the commission is refunded. Then you pay the product delivery cost to the customer and the cost of product return to the warehouse.

    Learn more about Ozon’s commissions and rates

You can find a list of all payments (invoices) in the Finance → Payments section. There you can see everything that Ozon has accrued or plans to accrue to you soon.

Learn more about how to check the payment amount manually

Money is transferred to your bank account twice a month.

The first payment includes transactions made until the 16th of the month. Ozon transfers money until the 25th of the month.

The second payment includes transactions from the 16th to the last day of the month. Ozon transfers the money until the 16th of the next month.

Payments can have the following statuses:

  • “Being formed”: payment invoice is ready, but the bank hasn’t confirmed or rejected it. If the payment deadline has already passed, and the status doesn’t change, contact support team.
  • “Awaiting payment”: we’ve added an invoice to the payment schedule and will transfer the money on the planned date.
  • “Paid”: we sent the money. If the payment doesn’t come for a long time, contact your bank.

Minimum Amount to Be Transferred #

If the amount of money collected during the reporting period in payment for products doesn’t exceed 1000 US dollars or 1000 euros, according to the settlement currency, Ozon will not transfer the money on the specified dates. We will transfer the money when the specified amount is reached.

How to Check the Amount to be Paid for the Last Month Manually #

  1. View the amount of products sold, including returns and Ozon commissions. To do this, go to the Finance → Documents section and in the Financial block select Sales reports. Download a sales report on commission product for the month. The required amount will be indicated in the Total to be paid field.

  2. Get the amount of services provided to you by Ozon, for example, for placing products at a warehouse, delivering them to customers, or advertising on Ozon. To do this, in the Financial block, select UTD with add. services.

    For the period from 01.09.2021, download the completion report for the month. The amount of services is indicated in the Total to be paid field in the Product cost (works, services), property rights with tax—all column.

    For the period up to 01.09.2021, download two completion reports for the beginning and end of the month. Sum the values specified in the Total to be paid field in the Product cost (works, services), property rights with tax—all in two reports. This will be the amount of services.

The FBO service (without placement) or the FBS service includes services for the delivery and product returns, namely:

  • shipment packaging or processing,
  • pipeline,
  • the last mile,
  • return pipeline,
  • return/non-purchase/cancellation/non-receipt processing,
  • delivery of products accepted for processing before switching to the new commissions and rates structure,
  • return of products accepted for processing before switching to the new commissions and rates structure,
  1. Get your payment amount including returns and Ozon commissions. To do this, subtract the amount of services provided to you by Ozon from the amount of products sold, including returns.
The amount received may be higher than the actual payments if your expenses for Ozon services exceeded your income from the products sale during the previous month. To check this, calculate the amount to be paid for previous months in the same way as for this month.
  1. To get the amount that Ozon should pay you at the end of the month, subtract the amount you were paid at the beginning of the month from the resulting amount.

To calculate the amount manually, you can use the XLSX template for payment calculation.

Financial Statements #

Every month until the 5th of the month Ozon generates:

  • Sales report and UTD-1 to this report with sales commissions.
  • Seller’s completion report (outgoing). It shows the delivery cost and additional Ozon services.

Learn more about Ozon commissions and rates

You will get documents until the 5th of the month. They contain transactions for the previous month. You can view them in your personal account in the Documents section.

Download sample documents:

Documents in Your Personal Account #

In the Finance section on the Documents page you can find:

  • UTD with additional services: Seller’s completion report, UTD-1 to the sales report;
  • Sales reports: Sales reports, Sales report by order, Report on the transfer of funds for delivery (for realFBS);
  • Transcript to the sales report;
  • Reconciliation reports;
  • Discrepancies reports for FBS.

1. Sales Reports #

2. UTD with Additional Services #

If you used additional services, such as paid promotional tools, the Seller’s completion report (outgoing) document, which reflects these services, will be generated in your personal account. Payment is made after deducting the amounts for additional services.

3. Reconciliation Reports #

We’ve launched an automatic generation of reconciliation acts in test mode. Within a few months, they will appear in all sellers' personal accounts.

The first reconciliation report will cover the period from the beginning of cooperation to the end of the previous quarter.

At the end of each quarter, until the 15th of the next month, we will form a reconciliation report of mutual settlements for the previous 3 months. For example, the reconciliation report for January–March will be available until April 15.

You can download reconciliation reports in your personal account in the Finance → Documents → Reconciliation reports section.

Within 15 working days after the report is placed, choose one of two actions:

  • Accept the reconciliation report if there are no questions or disagreements on the amounts and documents in the report. Click Accept in your personal account.
  • Reject the reconciliation report if there are questions or disagreements on the amounts. Click Reject in your personal account. In this case, the system will automatically create a support request.
The reconciliation report is considered accepted if you haven’t rejected it within 15 working days after its placement it in your personal account. After that, it is impossible to declare disagreements.

If My Bank Details Have Changed #

If your bank details have changed or you would like to switch to a different payment receipt method, please contact the support service in your personal account or write to Attach a completed excel sheet to your application. When creating a request to the support service in your personal account, select the topic Finance, the subtopic Change details.

Excel card template:

The name of the recipient specified in the details must fully match the official name of your company registered on Ozon. If it fails to do so, the documents will be rejected. If you have provided incorrect data, the payment will be returned.

The bank details must be in English or Russian. If the currency of payments is RUB, all fields must be filled in Cyrillic. If the currency of payments is different from RUB, all fields must be filled in Latin.