Cancellation by Ozon

Ozon cancels orders that violate offer terms. You can view the cancellation reason in the Logistics → Orders from my warehouse → Canceled section. Find the necessary shipment in the list: information on cancellation is shown in the “Cancellation reason” column.

Cancellation reasons #

The order will be canceled if:

  • The customer refuses to provide passport details within 24 hours after placing the order.
  • You haven’t handed over the shipment for delivery within 10 days.
  • The customer asked to cancel it when the delivery date is more than 20 days overdue.
  • Track number check shows that the shipment moves back to the sender.
  • You haven’t submit the tracking number that is traceable on standard track systems. If you don’t respond to a replacement request within 3 days, the order is canceled.

Cancellation by delivery service #

Ozon will cancel the order at the delivery service request if the order contains products that are prohibited for transportation or don’t meet the delivery service requirements. These cancellations affect the service quality metrics. Read the provider’s shipping terms, select the appropriate shipping method, and remove the prohibited products.

Learn more about shipping conditions

The delivery service will cancel the order if it’s lost during shipping. This won’t affect the service quality metrics.

If Ozon doesn’t find the order, you’ll receive a refund. You can check the refund accruals in the Finance → Accruals → Compensations section.

If the order is found, Ozon will return it to you under the terms of your delivery method.