FBP Services Rates

To sell under the FBP scheme, supply products to the warehouse. You can:

Warehouse #

Product delivery to the customer #

Before transferring products to the carrier’s warehouse, review their restrictions on product acceptance.

UNI FBP Standard #

Ural FBP Standard #

Shipment delivery cost depends on the sum of shipment length, width, and height (L + W + H). If the sum (L + W + H) is:

  • Less or equal to 90 cm, the cost is calculated by physical weight;
  • More than 90 cm, the shipping provider compares the physical and volumetric weight (L × W × H (cm) ÷ 6000) or (L × W × H (mm) ÷ 6 000 000) of shipments. Rates are calculated based on the biggest of the received values.
Delivery Shipment 100 g
To pick-up point 18.00 CNY 4.00 CNY

Ural FBP Standard delivery times and rates

XY FBP Standard #

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