Uploading Images

All images are subject to moderation, so consider the requirements.
If a product has several model variants, you can merge them in a single PDP.

Via PDP #

Add a photo #

To start selling products, add a photo. For products of any category except “Car Products”, “Sports & Recreation”, and “Construction & Renovation”, you can create a PDP first and upload a photo later.

How to add a product without a photo

In other categories, PDPs without images won’t qualify for sale. You can view a list of them in the Products and prices → Product list → Errors section.

Learn more about photo requirements

Add products without photos #

If you add a product in the “Clothing & Accessories”, “Shoes”, or “Haberdashery & Jewelry” categories, you can create a PDP first and upload a photo later. For example, this may be a case if you need to stock a new collection and the product photos are not made yet.

To get the product on sale:

  • Create PDPs without photos. They will be displayed on the “Ready for sale” and “For improvement” tabs on the product list.
  • Specify the stocks amount or create a supply.
  • Upload photos once you get them. To get a list of products without photos, use the “Only products without photos” filter.

After the product with an added photo passes moderation, the product will get on sale.

Add color sample #

You can add color sample not for all categories.

If the product is available in multiple shades, upload color sample images to PDPs. Then the site will have miniature images instead of standard circles in the color switcher. For example, a fragment of a drawing on a product, a dab of paint or lipstick.

A color sample can be one for each product.

Via XLS template #

Add a photo #

Replace photo #

  1. Go to the Products and pricesProduct list tab.

  2. Select the products for which you want to edit the photo.

  3. Click Actions and select Download template.

  4. Click the download icon.

  5. In the Download manager window, find the file you need and download it. The template is formed for each request and is available in your personal account for 2 days.

  6. Edit photo list: add new ones, replace or delete old links.

  7. Go to the Products and prices → Add products → Via template section. In the Fill out the template step select Excel, add new template and click Publish.

If the product has errors, download the errors report in the Products → Update history section. The report contains links to photos that you added when uploading the product. You can also find a product with an error in the photo in the product list on the Errors and For improvement tabs.

Add and replace photo 360 #

  1. Download an XLS file with a template or online table.
  2. On the Upload products via a template tab, in the Links to photo 360 field, add a link to the folder with images or links to each photo separately in the desired order. Add from 36 to 70 images. We recommend uploading images from file sharing sites, for example, Yandex.Disk. Don’t use Dropbox and Google Drive services.

Via API #

Ozon Seller API is a software interface for working with the Ozon marketplace. It makes it possible to automatically exchange a large amount of information between your system and the platform.

How to work with API

How to add images via API

Add photos to multiple products at once #

In the Products and prices → Upload images section you can add up to 5000 images at a time in JPEG, JPG, PNG, HEIC, or WEBPB formats. They will be linked to products automatically:

  • by article code, barcode, or name: use it to add multiple photos to one PDP,
  • by photo ID: use it to upload one photo for different products.
If you upload photos in bulk, we can only update 1000 products at a time. We’ll choose them randomly.

You can view details on uploaded photos, drafts and errors in the Upload history block on the Products and prices → Upload images page.

View product images #

You can view what images your products have. To do this:

  1. Open the Products and prices → Product list section.

  2. Click on the Photo column heading and mark the Photo from the PDP. The photos will be displayed in the order indicated on the PDP. The last one in the list is a color sample.

  3. Hover your cursor over the image to see its name.

Drafts #

If you stopped working with a photo and saved a draft, you can find it in the Upload history and edit it within 24 hours.

  1. Open the Products and prices → Upload images section .

  2. In the Upload history select a draft, click and select Edit draft.

  3. Select an action and click Apply.