Working With Images

Table of Content
All images are subject to moderation, so consider the requirements.
If a product has several model versions, you can combine them in a single PDP.

Upload images #

A maximum of 100 images can be uploaded at once.

You can upload several images at once for different products. This way, you won't have to upload images one by one in your profile, list many links in an XLS file, or pass them via API. To do this:

  1. In your profile, go to the Products and prices → Upload images page.

  2. Upload the images and click Submit.

  3. If there are any errors during uploading, you will see them at the Products and prices → Import history page.

To upload another 100 images, repeat these steps.

If you’ve already uploaded images for a product #

If you’ve already uploaded images for a product on Ozon, you can change the main image or add more images for it. A product can not have more than 10 images.

360° photos or videos do not count towards the number of images that can be uploaded for a Product.

Main image #

If there is a main image among the new ones (featuring only the Product ID in the file name), it will replace the old one. Additional images will be added to the previously loaded ones. For example:

  1. The "RC18 Romantic Ring, size 18" product has a main image and an additional one.
  2. You add 2 more files: RC18.jpg (main image) and RC18_1.jpg (additional image).
  3. As a result, the product will feature a new main image (from the RC18.jpg file) and 2 additional ones: the old and new one (from the RC18_1.jpg file ).

Additional images #

A product may have a maximum of 10 images. Therefore, the last additional images will not be uploaded. For example:

  1. The "RC18 Romantic Ring, size 18" product already has 8 images. In this case, 2 more images can be loaded.
  2. You try to add another 4 files: RC18_1.jpg, RC18_2.jpg, RC18_3.jpg and RC18_4.jpg.
  3. Only the first 2 images will be uploaded: RC18_1.jpg and RC18_2.jpg.

Follow the instructions in the section above to upload images.