Working with the Warehouse, Orders, and Returns

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Who pays the costs when returning products from Russia? #

When returning products, the seller pays VAT and customs duty on the export of products from Russia. The duty and VAT rates depend on the category of the returned product and the country of return.

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A customer does not agree with the return refusal. What should I do? #

If a customer does not agree with your decision to refuse a return, they can open a dispute within five calendar days. Ozon will review the dispute and make a decision within three days.

If the decision is made in the customer’s favor, you will have to return the money to the customer, and if in yours, the customer will keep the product, and you will keep the money.

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To what address will the customer send a return? #

Customers request these details in a chat with the seller or in our support chat.

The customer must send the product to the warehouse that you specified when creating the warehouse in the Returns method field of the Logistics section. If you have not specified the warehouse address for the product returns, the customer will not be able to send a return.

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How much should I reimburse the customer for sending the return? #

Request a copy of the shipping receipt from the customer. The amount indicated in the receipt is equal to the amount of the refund for shipping.

Money for the products and shipping are refunded separately.

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How do I return a product to the customer if a defect is not detected? #

In your personal account, reject the refund request. The status will change to “Rejected by the seller”. The customer will have 5 days to dispute the decision. If the dispute has not been opened within 5 days, send the product back to the customer and specify the shipment tracking number via chat.

If the customer has opened a dispute, Ozon will consider it and make a decision within 3 days.

If the decision is made in the customer’s favor, you will refund the money to the customer both for the product and for the shipping, and if in your favor, you will return the product to the customer without refunding the product and shipping costs.

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When can I offer a partial compensation to the customer? #

Partial compensation is a tool for working with refunds from customers if the seller works under the rFBS scheme. Instead of paying back the full amount, offer the customer to keep the product and get back a part of the sum. For example, you can offer partial compensation when the customer receives a product with minor defects and makes a refund request.

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Who pays the duty when importing products to Russia? #

When importing products to Russia, a parcel is not subject to customs duty if its value is less than 200 euros and its weight is up to 31 kg.

If the parcel exceeds the limits, the customer is obliged to pay customs duties and taxes established by law: the FCS charges a duty at the rate of 15% of the excess amount or 2 euros for each kilogram of excess, whichever is greater.

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How to create a new delivery method? #

To create a new delivery method, go to the Logistics section in your personal account. On the necessary warehouse card, click Add in the Delivery methods from this warehouse section:

  1. Select the location of the handover to the carrier.
  2. Choose a delivery service: integrated or non-integrated one.
  3. Choose the delivery method: by courier or to the pick-up point.
  4. Specify the method name and the time before which you will pack the order.
  5. Specify where you will deliver the products.
  6. Save the method.

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I see that the shipment status is outdated. What should I do? #

If you have selected the integrated delivery method and specified the tracking number, your shipment status will be changed automatically. If you work with the non-integrated delivery method, you will need to change the shipment status manually in the Orders section of your personal account.

How do I work with shipment tracking numbers for my own delivery service? #

If you have your own delivery service, we recommend specifying shipment tracking numbers.

You will need to change the shipment status manually, even if you have specified a tracking number.

If you have chosen a delivery service integrated with Ozon, you need to register the tracking number.

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How to cancel a shipment with the “Delivered” status? #

You can cancel a shipment with the “Delivered” status if you deliver the order by yourself or via an integrated delivery service. In the Orders section, select your warehouse or Ozon warehouse and go to the Delivered tab. In the shipment row, click the three dots icon, select Cancel the shipment and specify the cancellation reason.

You can also cancel a shipment with the “Delivered” status upon request from the delivery service.

You cannot cancel a shipment that is being delivered via Ozon Logistics.

How does the number of cancelled orders affect the rating? #

We calculate the overdue delivery indicator based on the number of orders canceled by you after handling them over to delivery. Overdue delivery is the percentage of shipments that were not delivered on time due to your fault within the last 7 days.

Ozon may suspend its services or terminate the contract with you if your quality indicators fall below a critical level.

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Customer’s selected delivery method doesn’t suit me. What should I do? #

It is prohibited to change the delivery method selected by the customer by yourself. The shipment must be handed over to the delivery service that the customer chose when placing the order. If you cannot deliver orders with this delivery service, we recommend canceling the order and transferring the outdated delivery method to the archive.

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I received an order from a city I do not deliver to. What should I do? #

Make sure that the city is really not included in the list of delivery cities or regions. In the Logistics section select the delivery method that is specified in the shipment card. Go to the edit menu and check whether the checkbox next to the necessary delivery city is selected:

  • If the checkbox next to the necessary city is selected, the city is included in the delivery geography, and the customer can select it when placing an order. Adjust the delivery geography in the method settings. After that, you can cancel orders already received from these cities. This will not affect your quality indicators.

  • If the checkbox is not selected, then delivery to this city or region is disabled. Let us know about this error in the support service chat or email to

How to update the shipment tracking number in your personal account? #

To change the shipment tracking number, contact our support team via chat or email to In the request subject, specify Delivery at the seller’s choiceChange the tracking number. Describe the reason for changing the number.

The courier could not contact the customer. What should I do? #

The courier service makes several attempts to deliver the order. The number of attempts depends on the selected delivery service.

If delivery to the customer was not possible, the product will be held for pickup at the delivery service.

How do I find out the current status of the return? #

Make sure the customer has sent a return. The current return status is displayed in the return request card:

  • If the request status is “Canceled by the customer” or “Canceled due to customer’s inaction”, this means that the customer haven’t transfer the return to the delivery service.
  • If the request status is “Return in transit”, then the product is being delivered. Ask the buyer for the shipment tracking number and check the latest details on the selected delivery service website.

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Why was the order canceled? #

If you didn’t cancel the order, it could have been canceled by the customer, the delivery service, or Ozon.

If the customer or the delivery service wants to cancel the order, you will receive a cancellation request. You can approve or reject it within three days. If you do not do this, the request will be approved automatically. The order will be canceled, and the money will be returned to the customer.

If you provide services of poor quality, Ozon can cancel you orders

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I fail to pack my order in the given timeframe. What should I do? #

You can set the order packing time in the warehouse settings by yourself, but it should not exceed 5 days. If the order is in the “Waiting for assembly” status longer than the time set when setting up the warehouse, Ozon will notify you that the deadlines are exceeded. If the order status does not change within three days after this notification, Ozon will cancel the order.

The maximum allowable time for order packing for sellers from Belarus and Kazakhstan working under the FBS Crossborder scheme is 24 hours.

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The customer did not pick up the product from the delivery service. What should I do? #

Try contacting the customer yourself. Go to the Orders section and open the shipment card. Go to the chat with the customer and notify them that the order is ready to be collected.

What does the “Presumably delivered” status mean? #

When an order is delivered by a non-integrated method, the status of the shipment changes to “Presumably delivered” when the order is physically delivered, but the customer has three days to dispute its receipt. If the customer does not dispute the receipt within three days, the order status will automatically change to “Delivered”.

Some items from the order are out of stock. What should I do? #

If some items from the order are out of stock, you don’t have to cancel the entire order. Before the shipment is packed, you can remove products that you will not deliver to the customer from it. In the product row, click on the three dots icon and select Cancel the assembly of the product. Specify the reason for cancellation.

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An error occurs when updating stocks. What should I do? #

Take a look at the list of typical stock update errors. If you don’t manage to find the cause of the error yourself, please contact our support team via chat or email to