Ozon Card

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Ozon Card is a payment card issued by Ozon Bank, which is a member of Ozon company group With Ozon Card, customers can buy products on Ozon with a discount of up to 30%.

How Ozon Card discount works #

Ozon Card discount can be:

  • At your expense: run a promotion with the Increased discount with Ozon Card mechanics or join a promotion launched by Ozon.

  • With points accrual: Ozon sets a discount on your behalf.

    Learn more about points for discounts

Discount in the catalog #

If a product has an Ozon Card discount, its price is highlighted in green in the catalog.

You can find all products with Ozon Card discount in the Весь Ozon → Ozon Карта (All Ozon → Ozon Card) section.

Discount amount #

Who added a product to the promotion Promotion type Discount amount
You Increased discount with Ozon Card mechanics You set the discount yourself
You Ozon promotion Depends on the promotion terms
Ozon on your behalf Ozon promotion Calculated individually for each product based on its cost and competitive pricing

If a product participates in promotions, the Ozon Card discount is calculated from the promotional price. This way the price with the Ozon Card will always be the most favorable.

For example, the price of a cutting board is 1000 rubles, and you’ve added it to Ozon promotion. The discount on the promotional product is 10%, so the promotional price is 900 rubles. If Ozon Card discount is 2%, it’ll be applied to the promotional price. The total price of the cutting board with Ozon Card = 900 - 2% = 900 - 18 = 882 rubles.

If Ozon has set an Ozon Card discount on your behalf, the difference between the promotional price and the price with Ozon Card will be reimbursed to you in points.

Disable discount #

To disable Ozon Card discount, contact your personal manager or the support team: Price management → Ozon Card discount. We’ll review your request within 5 working days.