Limits for uploading and changing products

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To make the storefront most attractive to customers and provide efficient use of moderation resources, we limited the number of uploaded products.

  • Total uploading limit is a limit on the products uploading for the entire operating period of your personal account.
  • Daily limit is a limit on the products you can add or update per day.

Choose the products for which you want to create PDPs carefully.

Total uploading limit #

By default, you can upload 500 PDPs for the entire operating period of your personal account. After you upload product, the number of PDPs you can upload decreases, regardless of whether the uploaded product has passed moderation or not.

500 PDPs are available for loading for the entire operating period of your personal account. If you uploaded 300 PDPs, 250 of them passed moderation, and 50 were rejected during moderation, the total limit after uploading will be 200 PDPs.

Products that have passed moderation are ready for sale and will be available at the Ozon’s storefront when warehouse stocks are updated. If the product has passed moderation, you won’t be able to delete it. To hide it from the site, move it to the archive.

If moderation mistakes are detected, you can:

  • Correct mistakes. In this case, you edit the PDPs already created, the uploading limit won’t run out additionally. You can change the PDP name, description, photo, and other information within the same category. Learn more about moderation errors.

  • Remove products that haven’t pass moderation. In this case the limit will be restored by the number of removed PDPs.

To delete a product that hasn’t passed moderation:

  1. Move it to archive: select it in the Manage Inventory section and click Other actionsMove to archive.

  2. Go to the Archived tab, click Delete.

Based on your work, the limit can be changed up or down. If your sales results are high and your product is in demand, we will increase the limit.

For example:

  • when you reach a sales threshold of 100,000 RUB, Ozon will add 500 PDPs of your total limit, so 1,000 PDPs will be available for your upload;
  • when you reach 250,000 RUB, Ozon will add 500 PDPs of your total limit, so 1,500 PDPs will be available for upload;
  • when reaching 500,000, the limit will be increased up to 2,000 PDPs;
  • when reaching 1,000,000 RUB—up to 3,000 PDPs.

PDP rating will be displayed in the Products and prices → Manage Inventory section in the Content-rating block.

You can find statistics on displays and sales of your products in the Analytics section of your personal account. Learn more about sales analytics.

Daily limit for product uploading #

We’ve analysed the volume of uploads on the marketplace and set a daily limit for each seller. It depends on:

  • the demand for your product: for example, we can extend the limit if items from your range are now in short supply;
  • data about your products' uploads and updates over the last 28 days.

The system counts how many times per day you’ve added or edited a product. This includes:

  • new products that you’ve uploaded via your personal account, templates, online tables;
  • any changes, except for price updates and stock updates;
  • duplicates: if there are duplicate rows in the template, the system will count each as a separate product.

In the beginning, you have 300 PDPs per day available for you to upload and update. At 00:00 Moscow time, the counter is zeroed and the system starts counting uploads again.

When you reach the limit value, creating and modifying products will be suspended:

  • in your personal account: the buttons for adding new products and templates will become inactive;
  • when uploading via a template: the system won’t accept part of the products in the file that will be uploaded over the limit.

The daily limit can be increased to 2,000 products per day if more than 95% of the PDPs were uploaded without rejection during the last 28 days.

If you haven’t reached your daily limit, but you’ve already exceeded your total limit, you won’t be able to upload new products.

Example 1

If your total limit is 120 PDPs, and the daily limit is 300 PDPs, you can edit up to 300 PDPs per day, but you can upload no more than 120 PDPs for the entire period.

Example 2

If your total limit is 700 PDPs, and the daily limit is 300 PDPs, you can edit up to 300 PDPs per day.

To add 700 new products, you need a minimum of three days to upload:

Day 1: 300 PDPs,
Day 2: 300 PDPs,
Day 3: 100 PDPs.

To make sure everything goes quickly and without a hitch, we recommend divide large XLS-files into several ones to make uploading faster. Also don’t use the whole limit at once, regularly upload the product in small groups.

Where to check your limit #

As soon as you’ve spent half of your daily limit, you’ll see a warning widget in your personal account. You can find it in the range-related sections of your personal account, for example:

When the number of uploads or updates reaches the limit, the widget will show a zero balance and the buttons for uploading templates. Adding and editing products will become inactive.