Quality Rating for Delivered Products

Within a month after receiving an order, customers can rate it in their personal account: Ozon sends them a survey for each order they receive. This survey includes questions about the quality of the received products.

If the rating is low, and the satisfaction level is lower than 20%, we’ll suspend your account for 7 days.

Product ratings on an order is not the same as product reviews: customers don’t see it, and it doesn’t affect your seller rating.

How metric is calculated #

Customers fill out the survey and rate products from 1 to 5. Rating values:

  • 1, 2 or 3—negative,
  • 4—neutral,
  • 5—positive.

We calculate the metric based on quality ratings for the last 30 days by the following formula:

When calculating the metric, we take into account the ratings of each individual order. For example, if a customer rates four products from 2 orders, the calculation will be based on 2 ratings.

What to do if your account is suspended #

While your account is suspended, you may:

  • ship the orders placed before the suspension;
  • keep in touch with customers via chat;
  • receive payments for delivered orders.

While your account is suspended, take a moment to analyze your products. If you keep on selling products with low ratings, we may block your account permanently.

Examples of good PDPs

More about products requirements