Delivery on time

Available for sellers working under the rFBS scheme.

Delivery on time is the percentage of orders that you didn’t cancel and delivered to customers on time. We take into account the last 7 days, except the current one. There are no restrictions and blockages based on the metric. To improve the metric, ship new orders on time or select a reliable logistics service provider.

Ozon calculates the metric daily if you have more than 10 paid shipments during the calculation period. The metric is displayed in the Ratings → realFBS → Delivery on time section. The recommended metric value is at least 80%.

Learn more about calculation scheme

Metric calculation #

Which shipments are taken into account in the calculations #

The metric value decreases because of shipments that:

  • you canceled by your fault, for example, if the product was out of stock;
  • you shipped late by your fault, and we had to automatically reschedule the delivery date.

The metric isn’t affected by errors caused by delivery service. For example, cancellations or customer’s request to reschedule delivery.

You can view which shipments were included in the calculation in the Analytics → Reports → Quality Control → Percentage of orders completed on time section.

Calculation scheme #

When calculating the metric Ozon:

  1. Finds all shipments that you delivered to customers on time in the last 7 days, not counting the current one. Delivery is:
    • placement on the shelf at the order pick-up point;
    • placement in the parcel terminal;
    • delivery by courier;
    • delivery by courier even if the customer didn’t pick up the products.
  2. Compares promised and actual delivery dates. If the actual is later, such a shipment will be considered overdue.
  3. Adds up the percentages received to calculate the final metric.

We calculate the metric only if you have 10 or more paid shipments for the entire time.


Today is April 20, so we’ll take into account orders with a planned delivery date of April 13–19.