Sale from Partner's Warehouse (FBP)

FBP (Fulfillment By Partner) is a sales scheme under which you can place your products in Ozon partner’s warehouses.

First supply #

  1. Check the service costs for sales under FBP.
  2. Create a JDL account.
  3. Create a warehouse in Ozon personal account.
  4. Upload product barcodes in Ozon personal account.
  5. Create a supply request in Ozon personal account.
Principle of work

You regularly supply to Ozon partner’s warehouse and replenish the stocks, and Ozon and partners:

  • calculate the delivery time and cost for you and the customer;
  • assemble, package, label, and ship orders;
  • transport products and update statuses;
  • issue orders to customers at Ozon pick-up points or parcel terminals.