Product Rating

After receiving the order, customers can rate your product. Rating helps other customers make purchasing decisions, and sellers keep track of how customers are satisfied with the products.

We update the average rating of all products daily and show it:

How the rating is calculated #

We consider the following ratings left for products in the calculation:

  • In the “Displayed” status: these products are visible on the website. If the product is out of stock, but it’s displayed on the website, its ratings are also taken into account in the calculation.
  • With two or more ratings or reviews.

Ratings aren’t taken into account for the products that:

  • are in archive or in the “Hidden” status;
  • have one rating or review or have none.

We sum up the ratings on visible products that are merged into one PDP and divide it by the number of ratings. After that, we sum up all the PDPs ratings and divide it by the number of PDPs.

The average rating that customers see in your company’s profile on Ozon is updated when:

  • there are new reviews and ratings;
  • the customer or the Ozon moderator deletes the review;
  • you hide the product or moved it to the archive.

In the seller personal account, we update the rating only once a day, so it may differ from the rating on the website and not include new reviews. You can view the current product rating in the rating report.

View rating statistics #

In the Ratings → Products and prices section in the Product rating block, you can view:

  • Average rating of your products for the current day.

  • Rating statistics for the past months. Select a schedule period: a month or two.

  • Number of products with reviews for all categories or for each category separately. Select a period for the schedule: a month or two.

Download rating report #

To download a detailed rating report in XLSX format, go to Ratings → Products and prices section. In the Product rating block, click Download report.

The report lists all the PDPs that are taken into account when calculating the average rating. You can view:

  • What reviews customers leave more often:
    • bad ones: a product with a rating of 1–3;
    • good ones: a product with a rating of 4–5.
  • Number of product reviews.
  • Product rating: the average PDP rating.
  • Total rating for all products, relevant at the time when you download the report. Ozon updates the rating in the seller personal account only once a day, so it may differ from the rating in the report.