Price Management

Types of prices #

You can manage the following:

  • Current price. This is the price at which customers can purchase a product on Ozon.

  • Price before discounts. This price will be displayed as crossed out, and customers will see the discount percentage.

    Learn more about price before discounts

In your personal account, you can see several prices on each PDP:

  • Promotional price is the cost of the product taking into account all promotional discounts and a discount for points.

  • Your price. The product cost you set yourself, excluding promotions.

  • Price before discount. Crossed out price that customers see. It should be higher than your price.

  • Minimum price. Threshold below which your product price can’t drop if you:

    • enabled promotions auto-application,
    • enabled pricing strategies,
    • added your products to promotions.

    Customers don’t see this value.

    How to set up minimum price

We aim to protect sellers from errors and typos when setting prices. To achieve this, we display the upper and lower thresholds of the formed prices on the market for each product category, highlighting them when updating prices or creating a new product.

These thresholds do not restrict your freedom in pricing, and if you want to set prices beyond the specified thresholds, simply contact the support team: Prices management → Errors in setting prices.

If you believe that the thresholds are incorrect, you can contact the support team: Prices management → Errors in setting prices, providing a link to a website where a similar product (in the same category, but not necessarily the same brand) is sold at the price you have chosen.

Change product prices #

To make your offer attractive to customers, consider the recommended product price. You can view it on the PDP in the Price monitoring block.

The product may disappear from the promotions after a price change.

Possible errors #

If you can’t change the price via an XLS file, there may be errors or blank fields in the document. Edit the data only in green columns. Ozon calculates other values automatically.

How to change prices via a template

If you can’t change the price, it may be that:

  • Products participate in the promotion that you created yourself. To edit the prices of such products, remove them from the promotion.

    Learn more about how to remove products from the promotion

  • The price is too high or low for the selected category. If you’re sure that the price is correct, contact the support team: Price management → Errors when setting prices.

View price update history #

  1. In your personal account, go to the Products and prices → Product list or Products and prices → Product prices section and click the necessary product’s price.
  2. In the Price change history section, select the period for which you want to view the data.

Impact on the final product price #

Promotions in which you participate #

If you participate in the promotion, discounts and other special conditions may apply to products, which make the product price lower.

Learn more about promotions on Ozon

To check whether the product is participating in promotions, go to the Products and prices → Product list or Products and prices → Product prices section. If the product participates in the promotion, it’ll have a badge:

  • Акция (Promotion) if the product participates in promotions at your expense or for points.
  • Автоакция (Auto-promotion) if the promotion was automatically applied for the product.

To view the previous cost, hover over the product price. Click the price if you want to view the details.

Discounts for points #

Ozon can apply an additional discount to products on your behalf to attract more customers to your store or brand.

Ozon will accrue you the difference between your price and the actual sale price in points.

If there is a discount on the product, for which Ozon accrues points:

  • In the Products and prices → Product prices section, the price for the customer will be lower than your price.

  • The Ozon badge will appear in the price change card.

  • In the Sales Report section, the Discount Points column will display the number of points awarded to you for selling products with such a discount.

  • You can see the number of points accrued during the period in the sales report per order, in the Total points accrued column.
    Learn more about sales report by order

The price on the PDP may differ from the price with Ozon promotion displayed in the Products and prices → Product list or Products and prices → Product prices section. This may happen if the Ozon’s promotion is available not to all users: for example, only with a special promo code.