Video Requirements

Video #

Video content requirements #

The video must necessarily contain the product to which the video belongs: show its advantages or usage example. Use high-quality videos with good sound.

Videos containing the following aren’t posted:

  • obscene language, insults;
  • alcohol, cigarettes;
  • inscriptions:
    • with prices, discounts, contact details, social networks;
    • mentioning Instagram and Facebook (owned by Meta, a company recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia).
  • delivery and return terms, for example, “fast delivery” or “we’ll bring it in tomorrow”;
  • other sites and stores advertising;
  • personal data: for example, card number or passport photo;
  • intimate parts of the body, erotic sounds;
  • information prohibited by the legislation of Russia;
  • products that can’t be placed on Ozon.

Technical video requirements #

Parameter Requirements
Format MP4, MOV.
Resolution From 1080 to 1920 px on the larger side.
Size When uploading file from a computer via your personal account: no more than 100 MB.
In other cases: no more than 5 GB.
Duration From 8 seconds to 5 minutes.

Download videos only from YouTube, VK Video or Yandex.Disk.