Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the FBP and rFBS schemes? #

When working under the FBP scheme, you only place your products at Ozon partner warehouses. Ozon and partners manage storing, processing, and delivery of orders.

When working under the rFBS scheme, you store and collect orders yourself, as well as deliver them to the carrier’s warehouse. Ozon and partners manage transportation, status updates, and handing the products over to customers.

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How to start selling under the FBP scheme? #

Create a partner warehouse in your Ozon personal account, add your products to it, and start delivering them.

How to sell under the FBP scheme

What is the cost of services when selling under the FBP scheme? #

It depends on the volume of supplies, the dimensions of shipments, and the products' turnover.

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What to do if I don’t have an FBP section in my personal account? #

All sellers gradually gain access to sales from Ozon partner’s warehouse. When the FBP section appears in your personal account, you’ll be able to use this scheme.

Can I work under the FBP scheme if I don’t have a personal account on Ozon? #

You can’t sell under the FBP scheme without the account.

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  1. Create a JDL account.
  2. Provide the EMS, EBU, and EMG product codes.

How do I sell under the FBP scheme on all my Ozon accounts? #

  1. Sign up on the JDL platform and get EBU and EMS product codes.
  2. Create an FBP warehouse in each of your personal accounts and enter the received codes for each of them.

After setting up warehouses, you can create a product supply request in any of your Ozon accounts.

What products can I sell under the FBP scheme? #

You can sell any products that aren’t prohibited for sale or transportation.

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Will my products rank higher in search results if I sell them under the FBP scheme? #

When working under the FBP scheme, you spend less time to package and transport products, so they are delivered faster. This affects their position in search results.

Which company delivers products under the FBP scheme? #

Currently product transportation is handled by Unitrade Fulfillment, Ural Fulfillment, and Xingyuan Economy FBP. Either delivery method can be selected when you create an FBP warehouse.

Is there a minimum volume of supplies to partner warehouses? #

There is no minimum volume of supplies, but there is a minimum acceptance cost for products—1.5 CNY.

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Which API method should I use for FBP orders? #

To work with FBP orders, use the POST /v3/posting/fbs/list method.