Step 3. Upload Products or Services

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What you need to know before uploading products #

Before adding products, study our policies and rules. There are items that you can’t sell at all, that you are allowed to sell after checking the documents, or for which there are restrictions under certain schemes.

Upload products #

When choosing the uploading method, we advise you to focus on your assortment:

Moderation #

When the PDPs are created, all items are sent for moderation. At this stage, the moderators check that the description and images meet the requirements. Until the product passes moderation, you won’t be able to specify its quantity in your warehouse.

Check takes from one to three business days. If the product hasn’t appeared on the Ready for sale tab during this time, go to the Products and prices → Manage Inventory → With errors page. In the Status column you’ll see “Not created” or “Not moderated”. To find out more, hover the cursor over the product status: you’ll see a comment with the error reasons and recommendations for fixing it.

How to fix errors when creating PDPs

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