Brand Shelf Requirements

1. General requirements for material contents #

1.1. The navigation page must comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation requirements.

1.2. You can’t place:

  • Products, the production and (or) sale of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, including counterfeit products;
  • Nicotine-containing products and devices for its consumption, including hookahs, ashtrays, and lighters;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Covid tests;
  • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors;
  • Plants containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, or their precursors and parts containing narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances or their precursors, as well as new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances;
  • Weapons, including hunting, civilian, pneumatic, airsoft, paintball, souvenir, and decorative, accessories to it, its copies;
  • Knives, except for kitchen, pen, and stationery;
  • Intimate services;
  • Products subject to state registration, in the absence of such registration;
  • Information containing words in a foreign language without translation;
  • Products from the “Sex & Sensuality products” category along with products from other categories.

1.3. A brand shelf shouldn’t:

  • Contain incorrect comparisons with other products on sale produced by other manufacturers or sold by other sellers;
  • Defame a person or competitor’s honor, dignity, or business reputation;
  • Contain superlative adjectives on the navigation page, for example, “the best” or “the most convenient”, unless confirmed by relevant research conducted by third parties;
  • Contain information about the products advantages over the products on sale produced by other manufacturers or sold by other sellers;
  • Contain products from the “Sex & Sensuality products” category along with those from other categories.

1.4. You can’t use abusive words, obscene and offensive images, comparisons, and expressions in relation to gender, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language of a person and citizen, and official state symbols (flags, coats of arms, anthems).

1.5. The text must be in Russian.

1.6. You can’t use foreign words and expressions that may lead to information distortion. When using foreign words, there must be a translation into Russian.

1.7. Ozon reserves the right to reject the materials without explanation.

1.8. If you place “Sex & Sensuality products” products the brand shelf, observe the relevance of the display conditions on the navigation page. You can only use single-digit search phrases to place adult products on a brand shelf. Check them before enabling the campaign.

2. Text requirements #

2.1. You should write in literate Russian, without typos and punctuation errors.

2.2. You can’t use uppercase letters instead of lowercase (Caps Lock). The exception is registered trademarks.

2.3. You can’t use swear words, slang expressions, words and phrases of provocative and tragic content, unnecessary repetition of words and phrases.

2.4. You should write in Russian. Specify prices in rubles. If necessary, add them in foreign currency.

2.5. You should write message texts without abbreviations. Exceptions are common abbreviations and the ruble sign (₽).

2.6. The title and sub-title shouldn’t contain contact information: phone numbers, email addresses, or links to websites other than Ozon and Ozon.Travel.

2.7. The title and sub-title shouldn’t contain special characters, graphic images.

3.1. The navigation page must correspond to the title and sub-title and lead to a working page on

3.2. You can’t use a link with utm-tag of the utm_source=adv_system&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=12345type. You can use other parameters, for example,adv_campaign=12345.

3.3. The link shouldn’t contain redirects and automatically redirect the user to another address. Exception is a protocol change from HTTP to HTTPS.

3.4. If the navigation page contains adult content, you should add a warning and an “18+” badge in the title or sub-title.