Product Certificates. FAQ

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What documents confirm product quality? #

Product quality can be confirmed with a declaration, certificate of conformity, voluntary certificate of conformity or exemption letter. The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 defines the products that must be always accompanied with documents confirming product quality.

What is an exemption letter? #

It is an official response of Rosstandard territorial branches and certification authorities to a request on whether certain products must be certified or declared.

How do I obtain documents confirming product quality? #

Documents confirming product quality can be obtained from an accredited certification center. To do this: Submit a request for the issue of documents to the certification center. Provide your company’s documents and product samples to the certification center.

What type of a document must be issued for a particular product? #

What exact products are subject to mandatory quality certification and what exact document (certificate or declaration) must be used to confirm their quality is defined by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 1, 2009, No. 982.

Review the list of product categories for which Ozon requires documents in this article: Uploading products of certain categories.

If you don’t upload documents for the products from these categories, the products will be blocked. Ozon also has a right to request documents for the products of other categories. You will have to provide the documents within three business days after the request is received. Otherwise, we will block your products until the documents are provided.

How can I easily determine that products of a certain brand can be sold, and what products require additional authorization for sales from a brand representative? #

If you purchased the product directly from the copyright holder or another entity who, in turn, purchased this product from the copyright holder or upon consent thereof, you can sell this product without an additional authorization from a brand representative. If you purchased the product from an entity other than the copyright holder and without consent thereof, you must confirm the legitimacy of using the brand with a license agreement made with the copyright holder.

What documents must be provided if certification is not required for the product? #

Upload an exemption letter in the Certificates section.