Order Packaging Requirements

Table of Content

General requirements #

  • Make sure that the package content can’t be accessed, and that the package or container are undamaged, dry and clean.
  • Consider specific product characteristics, so that cargo doesn’t break or damage other shipments in the process of shipment and delivery.
  • Pack the protruding shipment parts separately.
  • Stack products as tightly as possible so that the contents don’t move inside the package: fill the empty space with paper or newspaper.
  • Check that the shipping carton shows no traces of old markings, and that all handling marks are up-to-date.
  • Pack dangerous items in separate boxes.
  • Label markings and manipulative signs for cargo with special storage and transportation conditions and attach the rules for handling such shipments.
  • Leave space for labeling.
When shipping your parcels, print the label from your Ozon personal account and stick it on the package.

Individual carrier requirements within Ozon partner delivery #