Cancellation by seller

All cancellations by the seller affect service quality metrics.

You can cancel orders in the “Awaiting shipment”, “Awaiting packaging”, or “Ready for shipment” status. If you deliver orders via a partner service, you can also cancel it in the “In transit” status. Send a cancellation request to the shipping provider. If the shipment can’t be canceled, the order won’t be canceled. If you deliver via China Post, you can’t cancel the order in the “In transit” status.

  1. In the Logistics → Orders from my warehouse section select the shipment you want to cancel.

  2. Click Cancel shipment.

  3. Select a cancellation reason and click Cancel shipment.

Cancellation reasons #

The product is out of stock at the seller’s warehouse #

If the product is out of stock, select The product is out of stock at the seller’s warehouse. The product quantity in your warehouse will automatically reset to zero. After that, you can:

  • bring the product to the warehouse and specify its quantity;
  • archive the product if you don’t want to sell it.

The customer is asking to cancel the order #

The customer can request to cancel the order via chat, support, or chatbot. If you haven’t sent the order yet, cancel it in your personal account. Such cancellations are already included in the allowed cancellation rate.

If the customer orders more than 3 identical products, customs may consider such order as a commercial shipment and cancel it. You can cancel the order due to The customer is asking to cancel the order reason or send it in different parcels. If you use a partner delivery service, cancel the order.

The order is lost by the delivery service #

If the order is lost during shipment, select The order is lost by the delivery service.

Delivery service doesn’t deliver to the specified address #

Change the delivery geography and cancel orders from those cities.

Other #

If there is no suitable cancellation reason in the list, select Other (seller’s fault) and describe it.

Partner delivery service will cancel the order in case of delivery problems.