Return of Products to the Seller

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The product is returned to the seller in the following cases:

  • you decided to pick it up from partner’s warehouse;
  • shipping provider canceled an order at any delivery stage;
  • customer didn’t pick up an order on time;
  • customer has issued a return.

From partner’s warehouse #

If you want to pick up products from partner’s warehouse, contact the JDL manager and make a return request in the JDL personal account:

From shipping provider #

If you want to return products after handing them over for delivery or the customer didn’t pick up products on time, contact the shipping provider via email:

Learn more about return costs

From the customer #

Contact the customer in the chat and agree on partial compensation for the product or return:

  • If the customer has decided to issue a return, provide them with your warehouse address in China to send the product to. If the customer returns a defective product, you pay for the product delivery to your warehouse.
  • The customer can also return the product through a pick-up point, similar to the rFBS scheme. We’ll send the product to a partner’s warehouse in Russia to check it. Then, you make a decision regarding the return.
    Learn more about customer’s returns to Ozon pick-up points