Cost of Delivery to Customers

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Sale from your warehouse and delivery by the third-party services (realFBS) #

RealFBS is a sales scheme in which we act only as a trading platform. This means that you:

  • store the products in your own warehouse;
  • follow the orders yourself and collect them;
  • you bring parcels to the customer yourself or by any carrier other than Ozon Rocket.

We have automated the work with some carriers and implemented them into our system. In the personal account, we call them:

  • “Ozon partners”, if payment for their services also passes through our system. We do not charge a commission for this and simply transfer the required amount from the seller’s account to the service account.
  • “Integrated delivery services”, if you pay for the services yourself.

All other services, including delivery on your personal transport, are marked as “Non-integrated delivery services”.

In some cases, we compensate sellers for delivery costs.

RealFBS delivery cost #

All products on Ozon, depending on the weight, are divided into standard and bulky.

Bulky products are products with special delivery terms that can be sold on Ozon. They are not suitable for standard transportation, so we have set special dimensions for realFBS shipments. There are their minimum and maximum values in the table.

Sales scheme Length, cm Width, cm Height, cm Weight, kg
realFBS (integrated service) 180–250 80–220 80–120 from 25, but the limit denotes the carrier
realFBS (you or a third-party service) the carrier decides from 25, but the limit denotes the carrier

Delivery cost #

The delivery cost for the customer is determined by Ozon rates. If the total cost of products in the order is:

  • more than 2,500 rubles—the delivery is free for the customer;
  • less than 2,500 rubles—the cost of delivery for the customer is determined by Ozon rates.

Ozon partners #

Ozon commission for each delivered shipment is 15 rubles + VAT.

The delivery cost is calculated as the sum of the fixed cost of the shipment and the additional cost for each 100 g. The first 100 g of weight is not included in the cost of the shipment and is charged according to the table.

Appendix No.2 “Procedure for the Provision of services by Ozon Logistics Partners

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