Overdue Shipments

Overdue shipments metric is the percentage of shipments that you haven’t handed over for delivery in the last 7 days through your fault.

If the overdue shipment rate is 20% or more, Ozon can block realFBS warehouses.

Calculation of overdue shipments #

The metrics is affected by the number of days you’re overdue for the shipment. Hand over the shipment for delivery on the next calendar day after the violation, even if you specified it as non-working day in the warehouse settings.

Ozon updates the metric daily:

  1. Summarizes shipments for the last 7 days, except for the current and previous one. Shipments that are 2 days overdue are counted as separately.

  2. calculating shipment date in the personal account and the actual date of handing over the shipment for delivery.

  3. Calculates the total metric value by the formula: Overdue shipments = Shipments handed over for delivery service with a delay / All shipments you had to ship × 100%.

Shipments canceled before handing over for delivery aren’t taken into account in the metric calculation.

Cancellations on your side may increase the cancellations percentage.

If you have any difficulties when handing products over, contact our support team: realFBS. Delivery by third-party services from your warehouse → Shipment.

Calculation features #

Once you’ve sent the first 10 orders with self-delivery, Ozon will start calculating the metric daily.

In the calculation, Ozon takes into account shipments that:

  • You haven’t packaged on time.
  • You’ve brought to the drop-off point, but the shipping provider haven’t accepted it for any reason.
  • You’ve handed over for delivery service on time, but haven’t specified the tracking number: for integrated shipping providers.
  • You’ve handed over for the delivery service on time, but haven’t changed the status or did it at the wrong time: for non-integrated shipping providers or self-delivery.

How the days are counted when calculating overdue shipments #

We take into account the last 7 calendar days when calculating overdue shipments, except for the current and previous one.

If your warehouse was blocked, and you don’t have enough new orders, wait until the blocking ends to return sales. The blocking lasts for 3 days. We’ll track the percentage of overdue shipments for a week after the blocking is over. After this date, unshipped shipments won’t be taken into account in the calculation.


On June 7, you didn’t make a shipment, and your warehouse was blocked by the percentage of overdue shipments on June 9.

We take into account the following shipments when calculating the days and date of unblocking:

  • on June 9: from June 1 to June 7;
  • on June 10: from June 2 to June 8;
  • on June 11: from June 3 to June 9.

Ozon will remove the blocking on June 12 and will track the percentage of overdue shipments for a week. The system will check the metric again on June 19.

Find out the percentage of overdue shipments #

To view information about the metric, go to the Ratings → realFBS → Overdue shipments section.

The page displays a graph of the general dynamics of overdue shipments and the percentage of overdue shipments for the current and previous days. You can view the data for a specific period and download the report.

You can also view the percentage of overdue shipments:

Blocking #

To avoid blocking due to overdue shipments:

  • Keep track of shipments that you have to hand over for delivery service in the near future in the realFBS → Orders → Awaiting shipment section.
  • Don’t break shipment deadlines.
  • If you can’t make a shipment, cancel it before packaging, or we may reject the order. Then it will get into the calculation of the cancellation percentage and overdue shipments.
  • Be sure to provide tracking numbers when shipping with an integrated shipping provider, or the status of each order when using a third-party delivery service.
  • Send orders via delivery method the customer chose. If the shipment is carried by another integrated shipping provider, you won’t be able to track it via tracking number.
  • Consider the delivery service schedule when planning your weekends. Otherwise, it may turn out that you packaged the shipment on time, but the shipping provider can’t accept it.
  • Zero out warehouse stocks if you plan to go on vacation and stop working.
  • If the shipment deadline has passed, you can hand it over to the shipping provider again or cancel it. We’ll remove the shipment from the overdue shipment calculation, but the cancellation percentage will increase.

In case of blocking, package and ship orders you received before it on time. The metric will return to normal at the next check. If there are no new orders, wait until the problematic shipments disappear from the seven-day order list.