Product ID

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Product ID is the product identifier in your accounting system. It’s created when the product is uploaded to Ozon.

Product ID requirements #

Product ID must be unique among your products in one personal account, otherwise you won’t be able to create a product. If several products of different colors or sizes have the same product ID, add their distinctive characteristics at the end, for example:

  • for sizes: “SMAL_42”, “SMAL_44”, “SMAL_46”;
  • for colors: “13789530_ black”, “13789530_ red”, “13789530_ green”.

Product ID in your personal account #

To view product ID in your personal account, use one of the following methods:

  • Go to the Products and prices → Product list page and find the product in the general list. The desired value is indicated in the “Article code” column.

  • Open the PDP and switch to edit mode.

In the XLS template, manage product IDs in the “Product ID” column, it is mandatory to fill in. You can edit product ID without restrictions.