Reporting documents

From October 1, 2023, the difference between your price and the one that customers see highlighted in green or red is accrued with points. This won’t affect your earnings. The only thing that changes is the calculation scheme.

We’ll use the points to cover your sale commission fees. You’ll see the total amount of commission fees and the number of accrued and deducted points in the documents at the end of the period.

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Preparation terms for reporting documents #

We generate reporting documents for the previous month no later than the 8th day of the current month. You can download them on the Finance → Documents page.

We provide documents only in digital form and don’t send paper versions of reports.

We generate Seller’s completion report (outgoing) and Re-invoiced services report once or twice a month. It depends on the amount of times you’ve received the payment. If you’ve received the payment twice, we prepare two reports:

  • from the 1st to the 15th day for operations in the first half of the month;
  • from the 1st to the 31st day for operations in the second half of the month.

What documents Ozon provides #

In the Finance → Documents section, you can find closing and reference reports that:

  • confirm the contract execution;
  • help you calculate the payment amount you’ll receive for the past month, and check payments for previous periods.
Section in your personal account Document name Document content Document type
UTD with additional services Seller's completion report (outgoing) The costs of Ozon services. For example, for promoting, delivering products, and placing them at Ozon warehouses.

Sales fees aren't taken into account when forming the report.

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Closing report
Sales reports Product sales report Contains information about the products that were:
  • ordered and received by customers;
  • returned by customers after delivery.
Expenses include only the sales fee, discounts, and markups. Ozon services are included in the completion report.

The report doesn't include cancellations and non-purchases, as those products weren't sold.

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Closing report
Order sales report Contains information about sold products broken down by specific orders.

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Reference report
Act of bonuses
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Agent reports Re-invoiced services report
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Closing report
Report on transfers Shows the amounts of:
Closing report
Analytical reports Mutual settlements report Shows all mutual settlements with Ozon for the month: payments, income, expenses, and compensations. Reference report
Report for foreign currency payments Contains information about all documents used to create the invoice for the seller. Reference report
Service amounts and sales costs report Contains information on delivered, returned, canceled, and unpurchased products over the past month.

Expenses include:
  • sales fee;
  • shipping costs;
  • costs of refunds, cancellations, and non-purchases.
Reference report
Compensation and other accruals Compensation report Shows information on product compensation for the past month:
  • defective products write-off;
  • shortages write-off;
  • disposal write-off in delivery;
  • claims accruals.
Closing report
Reconciliation acts Reconciliation Act for the period Shows all mutual settlements with Ozon for the quarter. Reference report

How to check if there were changes in the documents #

You’ll see the icon next to such documents. Click on it to download and view the adjustment document (UCD). This document may show both a decrease and increase in the cost of services.

How to dispute documents #

If you don’t agree with the information in a document, contact the support team.