Sales Commissions

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Sales commissions by Product Category #

Fees differ depending on the seller’s country. There are two categories of fees: for sellers from CIS (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and cross-border sellers.

The specified cost of Ozon services does not include VAT a 20% VAT.

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The income of sellers operating under the rFBS scheme is equal to the selling price minus commission. The commission is charged on the final selling price of the product.

How the commission on Ozon discounts is calculated #

When it is necessary to increase sales of certain products, we can set discounts for them ourselves. It’s important that discounts from Ozon are provided at the Ozon’s expense and don’t affect the seller’s economics: the discount is made at the expense of reducing the sales commission. In some cases, the commission is less than 0.12 RUB or even negative. In this case, we will charge a 0.12 RUB commission (the minimum allowable amount) and compensate the difference with an additional payment at the expense of Ozon.