Costs of other services

Promotion fee #

There is a trial period with no extra charge for promoting branded products. The offer is valid for products promoted by Ozon or official brand representatives.

If you don’t unsubscribe from the service once the trial is over, you’ll be charged a fee with a commission of 0.5% including VAT.

We record the usage of the service on the day the order is placed, but confirm the charge for the service on the order delivery date. The promotion fee is paid for the delivered products: if customer refused to receive it, we won’t charge the fee for this order. If the customer received and then returned the product, we won’t refund 0.5% promotion fee.

You can find the details on your payments for the brand promotion in your completion report.

Trial period #

The trial period is 3 days.

Apart from the costs of other services, the seller’s cost structure includes:

Pinning a review #

This service is available starting November 16, 2023.

You can pin one review per PDP for all product variants.

We’ll be charging you a service fee daily for each pinned review. The fee is calculated in the currency of you contract with Ozon. The service fee amount is 20 rubles at the 20 rubles including VAT at the exchange rate as of the date of service provision.


On September 1, you pinned a review for the “Women’s Socks” product and the next day, on September 2, you pinned another review for the “Men’s Socks” product.

Conversion rate for services will be:

  • September 1st. 1 USD = 96.3344 RUB;
  • September 2. 1 USD = 96.3411 RUB.

For these two days we’ll charge you:

  • the fee for pinning the review on the first product for the first day: 20 RUB / 96.3344 = 0.21 USD;
  • the fee for pinning the review on two products for the second day: 20 RUB * 2 / 96.3411 = 0.42 USD.

Total to be paid: 0.63 USD.