Performance API

Performance API is used for automating work in Ozon advertising account. Via external API, you can:

  • collect statistics on several advertising channels,
  • add products to advertisements,
  • optimize rates.

You need a key to access API. If you already have it, but it’s expired, delete the key and create a new one.

Get API key #

  1. Go to Settings → API Keys and select Performance API.

  2. If you:

    • Have an account in the Ozon Performance service, select it.

    • Don’t have an account, click Create account. To separate access for multiple apps or partners you integrate with, create several accounts.

You can send up to 100 000 requests per day via Ozon Performance account.
  1. In the list of accounts, select the neccessary one and click Add new key. You can create multiple keys.

Change or delete API key #

To change the key name, click the key, enter a new value, and apply changes.

To delete a key, click in its row.

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