Working with finances in your personal account

Table of Contents

The Finance section shows your income and expenses.

Daily summary #

On the Daily summary tab you can view your income and expenses for the first or second half of the month:

  • Opening balance shows your income as of the end of the previous period after deducting all expenses.

  • Paid during the period is the sum of all payments for the period.

  • Orders:

    • your income from the products sales;
    • expenses for the sale commission;
    • expenses for the products delivery.
  • Returns and cancellations:

    • total cost of all returned products;
    • the sum of sale commission fees;
    • expenses for returns, cancellations, and non-purchases.
  • Services show expenses for other Ozon services, for example, product promotion.

  • Compensations and other accruals:

    • accruals or deductions based on the results of mutual settlements reconciliation;
    • other compensations and accruals.
  • Closing balance is your income for the period after deducting all expenses. If there haven’t been any payments in the current period yet, the line will indicate the opening balance. Once the bank makes the payment, the closing balance will decrease by its amount.

Report list #

On the Report list tab you can view the information on the periods in a table:

  • Orders is the cost of purchased products before deducting commission.
  • Returns is the cost of returned products before commission is refunded.
  • Ozon commission is the cost of the deducted and refunded sale commission.
  • Additional services are expenses for other services.
  • Logistics costs are expenses for delivery, returns, non-purchases, and cancellations.

Accruals #

On the Accruals tab you can view all accruals for the selected period.

Accruals when selling products #

  • Product cost is accrued when the order status changes to Delivered.
  • Sales fee is accrued when the order status changes to Delivered. The amount doesn’t include acquiring fees.
  • Logistics and the last mile payment is accrued when the order status changes to Delivered.

Other accruals #

  • Expenses for other services.
  • Accruals under the realFBS scheme.
  • Product and other compensations.

To sort accruals by type and period, download the report in Excel format. To learn more about individual operations, click on the value in the Total field.

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Payments #

On the Payments tab you can find invoices for which the payment has already been received or will be received soon. Payment statuses:

  • Is being formed—Ozon is issuing an invoice for the payment.
  • Awaiting payment—the invoice is issued, but the bank hasn’t confirmed the transaction yet, rejected the payment, or the payment date hasn’t come yet.
  • Paid—the payment has been accrued to your account.

The payment may have the Awaiting payment status if the money has already been accrued to your account. The status will change when the bank confirms the transfer.

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Documents #

The Documents tab shows reporting documents on your work on Ozon:

  • completion report;
  • reports on product sale, including re-invoiced services report;
  • analytical reports;
  • reports on product compensation;
  • invoices for debt payment;
  • reconciliation reports;
  • other documents.

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Debt #

Debt is the amount that you have to pay to Ozon. You’ll run into debt if:

  • your income is lower than the cost of received services and accruals for refunds;
  • revision of mutual settlements confirmed that in previous periods we overpaid you.

While in debt, you can’t use the “Stencils”, “Promotion in search”, “Brand shelf”, and “Media advertising” tools.

Restore access to paid promotions #

We’ll restore access to promotion tools if your turnover in the current period exceeds the promotion costs by at least 5000 rubles. You can check your turnover amount in the Finance → Daily summary section. If you have no debt and the amount in the Closing balance section is 5000 rubles or more, you’ll automatically regain access to the tools within three days.

Your campaigns will remain inactive after you regain access to the promotion tools. Re-launch them manually. You can adjust the settings before launching campaigns to avoid running into debt again.

Several personal accounts #

In case of debt, we consider the balance of a particular account and the sum of balances of all accounts registered to your legal entity:

  • if the sum of balances is over 0, but you have debt in one or more accounts, we’ll suspend promotion only for accounts with debt;
  • if the sum of balances is below 0, we’ll suspend promotion for all accounts.

We’ll restore access to promotion tools if:

  • the amount of balances for all your accounts is over 0;
  • you have no debt in particular accounts, meaning that turnover in the current period exceeds advertising costs by at least 5000 rubles.