Add Warehouse

To start selling under the FBP scheme:

  1. Sign up on the JDL platform.
  2. Create a separate FBP warehouse for each Ozon account you plan to use to sell under this scheme.

Sign up with the JDL platform #

Download the guide on signing up with JDL

Video guide:

Create an account on the JDL website and get:

  • EMS code: the individual seller number on the JDL platform. You can find it in the upper right corner of your JDL personal account.
  • EBU code: request it from the JDL manager:
    • Email:
    • Phone numbers of regional representatives
      Province/Area JD contact person Phone number
      Guangdong Manager Zhang 13600187445
      Guangdong Manager Li 15989279054
      Guangdong Manager Liu 13528748664
      Zhejiang Manager Ding 13962343891
      Zhejiang Manager Tu 13958096509
      Fujian Manager Xu 13599782258
      Fujian Manager Tao 15201959177
      Shanghai Manager Zhang 18154266168
      Shanghai Manager Shi 18321091909
      Henan Manager Wang 13838529707
      Henan Manager Guo 19545668233
      Jiangsu Manager Su 15240505755
      Jiangsu Manager Tang 15250450341
      Shandong Manager Wang 15206774098
      Shandong Manager Feng 13325244226
      Hebei Manager Fan 17331026860
      Guangxi Manager Zhang 13978680775
      Guangxi Manager Lu 18078257963
      Shaanxi Manager Li 13363951205
      Hainan Manager Fu 18289893658
      Hunan Manager Wang 17600734525
      Jiangxi Manager Deng 18296461375
      Jiangxi Manager Sheng 15837632311
      Beijing Manager Liu 13911373067
      Beijing Manager Fu 16600250515
      Anhui Manager Pan 15209828558
      Chongqing Manager Li 19922328303
      Gansu Manager Zhang 15534381207
      Guizhou Manager Zhang 18166723287
      Heilongjiang Manager Tao 13796506927
      hubei Manager Ling 13164139261
      Jilin Manager Shi 18419840326
      Liaoning Manager Jiang 15040307830
      Inner Mongolia Manager Ren 13074793037
      Ningxia Manager Zhang 15121824180
      Qinghai Manager Zhang 18693935779
      Shanxi Manager Fan 15534381207
      Sichuan Manager Zhu 18981928537
      Tianjin Manager Zhang 16600272615
      Tibet Manager Li 17338315109
      Xinjiang Manager Ha Lijiang 18599011030
      Yunnan Manager He 18725121952

If you have any difficulties singing up with the platform, contact the JDL support team or scan the QR code.

Create an FBP warehouse on Ozon #

  1. Go to FBP → Warehouses and click Add warehouse.

  2. Select the delivery service and partner warehouse.

    At the moment you can use JDL, UNI Fulfillment, Ural Fulfillment, and Xingyuan Economy FBP services. You can’t change or archive the partner warehouse. To change the configured delivery method, contact the support team: FBP Ozon Global → Setting up a warehouse.
  3. Enter EMS and EBU codes.

  4. Click Add.

Ozon partner’s warehouse has the highest priority. If you supply to this warehouse, customers will see products from it.

Once you create an FBP warehouse, you can proceed to submit a product supply request to the partner’s warehouse.