Add Warehouse

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To start selling under the FBP scheme:

  1. Sign up on the JDL platform.
  2. Create a separate FBP warehouse for each Ozon account you plan to use to sell under this scheme.

Sign up with the JDL platform #

Download the guide on signing up with JDL

Video guide:

Create an account on the JDL website and get:

  • EMS code: the individual seller number on the JDL platform. You can find it in the upper right corner of your JDL personal account.
  • EBU code: request it from the JDL manager. Email address:, tel.: +86 13600187445.

Create an FBP warehouse on Ozon #

  1. Go to FBP → Warehouses and click Add warehouse.

  2. Select the delivery service and partner warehouse.

    At the moment you can use JDL, UNI Fulfillment, and Ural Fulfillment services. You can’t change or archive the partner warehouse. To change the configured delivery method, contact the support team: FBP Ozon Global → Setting up a warehouse.
  3. Enter EMS and EBU codes.

  4. Click Add.

Ozon partner’s warehouse has the highest priority. If you supply to this warehouse, customers will see products from it.

Once you create an FBP warehouse, you can proceed to submit a product supply request to the partner’s warehouse.