Communication Rules with Clients and Ozon

What not to do #

Here are some things that can lead to disabling the feature to communicate with clients or even blocking on the marketplace:

  • the use of profanity or offensive language, veiled statements, images, comparisons and expressions, including with regard to gender, race, nationality, profession, social category, age, language of a person and citizen, official state symbols that may negatively affect the business reputation of Ozon;
  • providing information that violates the Russian Federation legislation or the third parties' rights;
  • manifestation of rude and unethical attitude towards clients;
  • the use of comparisons or techniques that humiliate competitors and their products, the use of information about the quality of someone else’s products, work, services;
  • negative statements about Ozon, products, works, services, people, organizations, brands of other Ozon sellers;
  • offer to exchange personal contacts with the client and use of alternative communication methods;
  • asking customers to cancel the order;
  • collection, copying, storage, distribution and any other use of any personal data of clients;
  • providing clients with false information about products, works, services;
  • misleading clients about consumer properties of products, works, services;
  • advertising and mentioning of third-party resources, organizations, sellers on Ozon, including links to external resources other than Ozon, phone numbers, addresses and others.

Chat rules #

  • Stick to the business style of communication. Politeness and respect for the client are the basis of business correspondence and good sales.
  • Try to be literate. If you are not confident in your abilities, there are many free services on the Internet for quick text verification.
  • Express only positive emotions. There are many reasons to be happy: the client made an order, left a positive review, or received a discount. And if something bad happens, it is better not to multiply the negative, but try to figure it out and help. If you lack skills, recommend the client to contact Ozon support. If you think that a client is spamming or behaving indecently, you can file a complaint in the chat.
  • Provide information that only meets the terms of the contract for sellers, the client offer, including the knowledge base, and consumer protection legislation. If the сontract or the client’s offer provides for a different procedure than the legislation, the conditions reflected in these documents have an advantage. Please note that the deadlines for accepting returns of products from clients may differ from the deadlines established by law upwards.
  • Do not use uppercase text, excessive punctuation marks and emojis.

Communication rules in online broadcasts #

  • Watch your speech literacy.
  • Provide information that only meets the terms of the Contract for Sellers, the client offer, the knowledge base and consumer protection legislation. If the Contract or the client’s offer provides for a different procedure than the legislation, the conditions reflected in these documents have an advantage.
  • Provide only up-to-date and reliable information that complies with the Russian Federation legislation, including advertising and consumer protection.
  • If available, provide information about the technical characteristics of the products in accordance with the instructions for their operation.
  • Do not use superlative adjectives “the best”, “the most convenient”, “product #1”, “our prices are the lowest”, “the largest assortment” or other words that give the impression of the product’s advantage over other products unless this is confirmed by relevant research conducted by third parties.
  • Don’t get distracted and don’t have parallel conversations.
  • Communicate as politely, correctly and kindly as possible.
  • Respect the decisions of the customer, avoid categorical speech.