Volume and weight characteristics

Volume and weight characteristics (VWC) is a product weight and dimensions in original packaging. They’re used to calculate shipping costs.

There are maximum and minimum values for each product category. The weight and dimensions of the product in packaging must meet the permitted values. You can’t add a product whose weight and dimensions differs from the values specified for the category.

Ozon may cancel the order if the product volume and weight characteristics are specified incorrectly.

When to specify VWC #

Specify the VWC when you upload or edit a product. Fill in the following fields:

  • Package weight, g,
  • Package width, mm,
  • Package height, mm,
  • Package length, mm.

Once the product arrives at the warehouse, we will check its VWC. If the dimensions or weight on the PDP differ from the actual ones, we’ll edit them.

How to specify weight #

  1. Weigh the product in its original packaging. If it doesn’t have one, weigh the product without it.
  2. Specify the weight in grams in the Package weight, g field. Enter a number only.

How to specify dimensions #

  1. Measure each side of the product in the original packaging.

    • If there is no original packaging, measure the product without it.

    • If the product is irregularly shaped, measure the maximum distance from one edge to the other, the middle, and smallest ones. Length is the greatest distance, width is the middle, and height is the smallest one.

    • If the product is a set of several pieces, stack them and measure altogether.

    • If the product is in the “Clothing”, “Textiles” or “Embroidery Kits” categories, fold it before measuring.

  2. In the following fields specify:

    • Package length, mm: largest side size.
    • Package height, mm: smallest side size.
    • Package width, mm: remaining side size.

Possible errors #

If an error occurs during the product upload that the VWC can’t be saved, but you’re sure that you’ve specified the VWC correctly, contact our support team: Content / Working with PDPs → Creating and editing products. Specify the product category, weight, and dimensions and attach a photo of the product next to a measuring device, for example, a tape measure or a ruler. We’ll check everything and expand the range.

VWC are uneditable, but values are wrong #

Contact our support team: Content / Working with PDPs → Volume and weight characteristics (dimensions/weight). We’ll check the products again and change the weight or dimensions if the data is inaccurate.

Choose the product category carefully. If you choose the wrong category, there may be errors in the product volume and weight characteristics.

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